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To Relax

Minimalistic superfood formula that supports your nerve system, helps to reduce fatigue and relax.

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30 servings | 200 g pack

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About the blend
Take a sip, turn off your anxious mind and relax. We handpicked superfood ingredients to soothe your body. This mild honey-like blend contains vitamins to support your nerve system, ashwagandha, and reishi mushrooms.
Why you will love it
The root of ashwagandha, otherwise known as the Withania Somnifera, found in the blend, is known for its adaptogenic properties, which are important to our cognitive health. Unlike many superfood ingredients, ashwagandha has a calming and relaxing effect rather than a stimulating one.

Reishi mushrooms are also a known adaptogen, helping to boost immunity by reducing the effects of physical and psychological stress on the body. Pea proteins are known to support the nervous system, regulate the mood and improve sleep quality.
The blend is rich in B vitamins such as thiamin, niacin, B6 and B12, which help in supporting the performance of the nervous system and psychological functions. Acerola cherries are a natural source of vitamin C, which is important for the nervous system function and reducing fatigue.

What results can I expect?

We guarantee the highest quality ingredients and the expertise of a naturopathic nutritionist in the production of these products. In order to be transparent about both the results that can be achieved while using the blends as well as their limitations, we would like to kindly emphasize that our products are only an additional aid on your journey to health and well-being. To achieve the best results possible, it is important to take into account all the factors that influence our body’s health, such as diet, external care and stress.

Ingredients and nutritional value

Ingredients: pea protein, ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera), reishi mushroom, lucuma, inactive yeast flakes, malpighia berries (acerola).

(May contain traces of nuts and celery)

Nutritional value

How to use?
The blend has a mild honey flavour and is best used with warm plant milk. If you prefer a less satiating meal, you can mix the plant milk with water. 

It is recommended to take 1-2 teaspoons (6-8g) per day.

Store it sealed in a dry, dark and cool place.

Try together with
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The mix of these two blends will make a cinnamon tasting, cozy evening ritual.
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Try the BALANCE bundle & save

This routine supports your immune system, smooth digestion and helps to relax. The bundle contains 90 servings of superfoods!

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Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews for To Relax

  1. Kritsina

    In terms of taste, it’s not my favorite blend (honey saves the day!), but I feel its benefits. It pleasantly relaxes the body, and my sleep becomes deeper. Such a natural euphoria takes over after drinking it 😀

  2. Margarita

    I would like to praise the blend “To Relax”. At the end of February 2022, as man of us, I was going through a strange period, there was a lot of anxiety, but the blend really contributed to a more peaceful sleep. And the ritual of taking at least 10 minutes just for yourself in the evening is very relaxing. The taste was peculiar at first and took some getting used to. Eventually I found the most delicious way: warm almond or coconut milk and a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup. A healthy dessert for a tasty end of the day!

  3. Monika

    I’ve tried all of their blends at least once and I was not disappointed. If used daily, they really do improve your overall health. My favorite ones are ‘for Immune System’, ‘for Gut Bliss’, ‘to Relax’. Currently I’m trying their newest blend for hormonal balance & I’ve noticed positive changes 🤍 Also, you have to try their Matcha powder – it’s sooo good.

  4. Gabriele

    I had more than enough time to try the blend…🙈 and I just wanted to say how happy I am with the warm environment you create and the great communication and products! ✨ As for the Relax blend itself, it was finally prompted by anxiety, which is currently quite frequent and prevents me from falling asleep quickly and peacefully, and the additional initiative to support Ukraine! 👏 I have discovered a new routine for my evenings, which is now dominated by the relaxing formula, and it allows me to fall asleep more easily and to enjoy a better quality of rest. Thank you! 🌿

  5. Liveta

    I have been using “Relax” every day for three weeks now. At first I didn’t like the taste, I tried to mix it with plant milk and a little honey, but finally I “got it” by mixing a teaspoon of it into my latte drink (decaf). So I pour the drink powder, wait and then mix in Relax 🙂 I can’t say that my anxiety is completely gone, but overall I really do feel more at ease.
    I’ll definitely keep using the blend, and I’ll buy a new one when I’m done with the pack, and maybe even get something more.

  6. Ugne

    I’ve been using “Relax” every night since I bought it, and it’s become a ritual. I am very satisfied. It tastes good, it’s the right note to end the day on, and most importantly – the effect! Although I used to sleep a similar amount of hours before, now I feel like I’ve slept much longer just because of the quality of sleep and I feel better. I’m already thinking of buying the same blend for my mum, and of course I’ll get another one when mine runs out 🙂

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(6 customer reviews)
Easy to use
to use
Created by nutritionist
Created by nutritionist
Only natural ingredients
Only natural ingredients
100% vegan
No added sugar
No added sugar
No artificial additives
No artificial additives
Gluten & Dairy Free
Gluten & Dairy Free

How to use?

This blend has a mild honey flavor, so we recommend using it with a glass of warm plant-based milk. If you want less satiety, milk can be mixed with water.

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