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Brown sugar and cinnamon cold matcha



When you try this variation, you won’t look at matcha the same way again. I no longer prepare it differently now – it’s the most delicious cold drink.

Rudo cukraus ir cinamono šalta matcha | RECEPTAI
Ingredientai Ingredients
1.5 teaspoons Daily Spoon Matcha
2 teaspoons Brown or coconut blossom sugar
Half a teaspoon Daily Spoon Ceylon cinnamon
40 ml Hot water
Few Ice cubes
Half a glass Plant-based milk
Cooking instructions


Pour 1.5 tsp of Daily Spoon matcha, 2 tsp of brown or coconut blossom sugar, and half a teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon (I highly recommend using Ceylon cinnamon for its sweeter and more aromatic flavor. We have it available in our e-shop). Then add 40 ml of hot water and mix everything with a whisk (if you don’t have one, you can use a blender).


Next, in a larger glass, put some ice cubes, pour in the plant-based milk, and top it off with the prepared matcha drink. And that’s it, enjoy!