Do you send Daily Spoon products abroad?

Yes, we send Daily Spoon products to European Union countries. It just might take a little longer!

Is it possible to use several blends at once?

Yes, because all ingredients are natural and have no concentrated doses.

We recommend using For Skin Glow and For Gut Bliss blends every day (both can be used in full portions).

We recommend using the For Energy blend as needed when you want extra energy, before or after sports, or when you want something sweet.

Meanwhile, the blend For Immune System has a stronger effect, so we recommend using it 2-3 times a week.

As a rule, we recommend not to exceed 3 tablespoons of Daily Spoon products per day.

When and how is best to use blends?

You can use the mixes at your convenience by mixing them with fruit smoothies, yogurts, porridges, plant-based milk, or just water.

For Skin Glow and For Gut Bliss blends contain lyophilized products and should not be used above 60 ° C.

The blend For Immune system should be used warm (we recommend mixing it with plant-based milk), so the turmeric in the blend is better absorbed.

Do the products contain gluten or lactose?

No, our blends are gluten and lactose free. However, some of our ingredients are packaged in a room where gluten-containing products can also be packaged.

Are the products suitable for vegans?

Yes, all of our blends are 100% plant-based.

Is it possible to use the products during pregnancy and lactation?

All Daily Spoon products are natural, especially nutritious, and have no concentrated ingredients, but we recommend consulting your doctor before using them during pregnancy or lactation.

How to choose a blend?

You can choose the blend that will bring your desired results by taking our superfood test.

What allergens are in the products?

There are no allergens among the ingredients in our blend, but they are packaged in a room that may contain traces of nuts and celery.

How is best to store the blends?

Blends are best stored in a closed package in a dark and cool place. A fridge is perfect for that.

How is best to store the blends?

Blends are best stored in a closed package in a dark and cool place. A fridge is perfect for that.

Do the products have sugar, sweeteners, or flavor enhancers?

No, our blends consist only of natural, plant-based ingredients.

Where are blends made and where do their ingredients come from?

Daily Spoon products and most of their ingredients are made in Lithuania. More exotic ingredients such as spirulina, maca, etc. are sourced from a wholesale food company in the UK which, with its vast resources, ensures high-quality raw materials.

From what age can products be used?

Although all ingredients are natural, we recommend using the blends from 12 years.

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