Why superfoods and how it all began? | Daily Spoon

Message from the founder

Daily Spoon was born from wanting something different in Lithuania’s healthy lifestyle scene. No false promises or magic weight loss teas here – just solid, science-backed ways to help you look and feel great.

Our approach has really connected with people, building a supportive community. We’re here to be a trusted guide on nutrition basics and to share simple tips for making your meals healthier.

With love,

There’s a lot of confusing advice out there – eat less fruit because of sugar, go keto, avoid carbs, start fasting… How do you make sense of it all?

Stick to the basics. Forget strict rules and focus on eating habits that are good for you, proven by science. That’s what Daily Spoon is all about.

No B.S. ingredients

Created from 100% natural plant-based ingredients. No sweeteners or additives, just nutritious superfood.

We believe in science, not magic

Developed with a certified nutritionist and a PhD in biochemistry, based on the proven benefits of plant-based ingredients.

Mix it, shake it, drink it!

From the freshness of berries to the sweet richness of cacao, our rituals blend seamlessly into your daily routine.

Our progress

2020 m.

The idea of superfood in Lithuania becomes a reality in our living room while quarantine is still in full swing.

2021 m.

We’ve taken a big step by moving into our first office, our team is growing, and we’re starting to explore opportunities abroad.

2022 m.

Our community has grown to 20,000 customers, prompting us to move to a new office and expand our team to eight members.

2023 m.

For the first time, we have the chance to meet our community face-to-face, we’re opening our studio, and launching a record number of new rituals.

and that’s just the beginning!

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