Why superfoods

and how it all began?

The idea of Daily Spoon was one I created while at university, largely thanks to the unbalanced diets that both I and most students are stereotyped to have, leading to exhaustion and stress. Solutions were lacking in the Lithuanian market, leading to Daily Spoon’s inception.

Detox teas and chia seeds, which were safely hidden on the kitchen shelf, didn’t bring the results I wanted. No product served as a magic solution and reaching sustainable habits was impossible!

I realised how hard it was to gain critical nutrition information and stop putting pressure on my body for results – it was then that I realised that the end-goal should always be a wholesome diet, some that I personally started by buying IKEA jars and filling them with seeds and superfoods. The results were so impressive, with my skin condition and energy levels improving, that I realised these nutrients are necessary not only for mine, but for everyone’s healthy diet.

Looking at the beauty or superfood products on the market, I saw that they were giving big promises (usually regarding weight loss) and lacking the argumentation to back them up. I wanted to see a product that is open regarding what effect it can do and trustworthy by sharing research-based information with customers. That is how Daily Spoon was born.

Radvilė, The founder of Daily Spoon