How can sport become a habit?

Jun 23, 2021

Probably we are all faced with the situation when we try to start doing sport exercises more than once, but after a while, we stop. I believe that only the development of long-term habits helps to prevent this. It takes time to develop them, but it is the tactic that will help you not to “lose” the sport after a few workouts.


An easy start is important

The best way to get used to exercising is to start with an exercise that is so easy that you can do it even when you lack willpower and can’t motivate yourself to exercise. Start with something that is so easy that you can’t even say no.

Start with small steps

When you decide to start exercising, it is important not to overdo it. For example, the first extremely intense workouts can later be associated only with exhaustion, you are likely to feel angry and tired after it. Therefore, it is suggested to start exercising slowly. Daily workouts can be started from 5 minutes of exercise on the mat, and running can be started from 20 minutes of intense walking.

Include sports in your routine
Each of us has a daily routine and performs certain actions without thinking, out of habit. This is how it is suggested to look at workouts. If you are able to create a ritual that allows you to start a workout without much thought, more automatically, it will be much easier to perform.
Focus on the habit, not the result

Most people start exercising with a goal, such as the desire to lose weight. But most experts say it’s a pretty risky path: when people see that results don’t come so quickly, or fail to achieve them in the beginning, people often are likely to drop the sport. It is therefore beneficial to view sport as a habit rather than an aspiration.
In the beginning, the key is to create a new routine that you will follow, not get results. In other words, it is more important not to miss workouts during the first 6 months than to focus on progress.

Let’s get to know ourselves

It is important to find a sport that is enjoyable and appropriate for your body. What your friend likes doesn’t necessarily fit and please you. Therefore, it is very important to look for alternatives, to try as many possible variations as possible. For example, if you feel uncomfortable in group workouts, you can try individual activities.

Integrate the habit into your life

Sport, as a new habit, should not be “uncomfortable” for your normal life. Feel relaxed and don’t punish yourself. For example, if you eat more during your vacation and miss regular workouts, try to swim more or go for a longer walk in the evening. After skipping a workout for other issues, do short stretching exercises in the evening at home. In short, adapt the sport to your life, not adjust your life to it.

Give yourself time

One study showed that getting used to a new healthy behavior requires an average of 66 reps, so things won’t happen overnight. But without rushing and putting pressure on ourselves, we will form long-term habits.

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