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Caramel protein

Caramel taste nutrient-dense protein blend rich in minerals, adaptogens and maca for natural recovery, muscle growth and immune system support.


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16 servings | 400 g pack

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About the blend

Our aim was to develop a protein blend that reflects the active person of today. Plant-based, free of lactose or synthetic flavors, emulsifiers, dyes and other unnecessary additives that irritate our gut health and skin.

The outcome is a combination of two plant-based proteins that provide a complete protein profile. Going beyond just proteins, we enhanced the formula with adaptogens, minerals, and antioxidants sourced from nature.

Combination of mesquite and vanilla creates a gentle caramel flavor – for those who are seeking for a sweet yet natural taste.

Why you will love it

Main ingredient is protein – a crucial element for the maintenance and growth of muscle functions.

Rest assured, our pea protein sets itself apart from the rest – while many tend to be insoluble and carry an undesirable “flourish taste”, ours leads the way being first in Europe made with an innovative manufacturing process. This process develops a soft and creamy texture and eliminates any discernible pea taste to it.

We’ve made sure to incorporate reishi, recognized as the king of adaptogenic mushrooms – for recovery and immunity strengthening.

For energy support, we’ve introduced maca root to our lineup, known for its delicate honey taste and inherent natural sweetness. Complementing maca, mesquite takes charge of the flavor profile, ensuring a sweet caramel taste.

Paired with reishi, this combination not only provides a pleasing taste but also delivers essential element like iron, facilitating effective recovery after engaging in active physical activities.

How to use?

This blend has a subtle caramel flavor, making it versatile for mixing with a glass of water or milk, blending into porridge, yogurt, or a cocktail.

For optimal results, we recommend a serving size of 2 tablespoons (25 g) to be taken either before or after physical activity. Usage temperature should not exceed 80°C.

Store it sealed in a dry, dark and cool place, best in the fridge.

Ingredients and nutritional value
Ingredients: pea protein, mesquite, brown rice protein, maca root, Jerusalem artichokes, reishi mushroom extract, vanilla flavoring, Himalayan salt, stevia extract.

(Packed in an environment where traces of nuts and celery are possible.)

Nutritional value

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Ratings & Reviews

16 reviews for Caramel protein

  1. Aistė

    Some of the tastiest proteins I have ever tried. I chose them with scepticism, but I was not disappointed in the slightest and use them often:)

  2. Rugilė

    I really like the taste and composition of this protein! I used to be unable to drink protein with water because they all made me sick, but this protein tastes even better just mixed with water.

  3. Sandra

    Just fantastic! I haven’t tried other proteins, to be honest, because I’ve heard reviews that they don’t taste good… But I really needed a solution, because I love cycling and I’m usually cycling distances of 50-60 km, which means I’m using up a lot of energy and burning a lot of calories, and I need to replenish them. So far I’ve tried the caramel flavour protein (I’ve already ordered the chocolate), but what I really liked about it is not that it tastes so good, but that it gives me energy and I don’t feel hungry halfway through. I just shake it in a drink and sip it all the time. Sometimes I do this after a harder strength training session when I feel like I need to “recharge”.

  4. Adrija

    This product is something wow. The taste is really without competition, there is no pea aftertaste at all, which is present in all pea proteins, and the absence of that synthetic sweetness is a huge plus. It is a complete balance, suitable for everyone, even the most demanding. It also mixes very well and leaves no lumps. I highly recommend it to everyone. ❤️

  5. Gabrielė

    I am delighted with this product as I have no complaints. The texture, the taste, the appearance – it exceeded all expectations. You are a force!

  6. Sandra

    A real discovery! It’s not easy to get the right amount of protein in a day, so I’m really happy to have found a product that helps me do that and is super tasty too! I usually use it with Greek yoghurt, but it’s also really tasty with water. The creamy texture and the light caramel sweetness were an instant hit and prompted me to order a second pack before finishing the first.

  7. Eglė

    I’m so glad I tried it – the taste and consistency are great, and I always feel like I’m rewarding myself with this protein shake every time I do a sport. Another favourite of my daily spoon.

  8. Aušrinė

    I bought it for fun, because I was sick of all the flavours. I hesitated for a long time, because I had RECOVERY before, which was really very bland… I’m very proud that this protein is really tasty, without any synthetic taste. I’m quite sceptical about all such supplements, but when I discovered Daily Spoon products I changed my mind 🙂 Really good and worthwhile products. You don’t have to be an athlete or a super-healthy person to use them, but the new flavours alone are worth a try. By the way, I have bought both caramel and chocolate proteins, but I won’t say which one is better, because both are delicious 🙂 Thank you very much!

  9. Gabrielė

    I ordered it out of curiosity, after tasting it I was surprised by the taste!!!! I look forward to each day to have a smoothie in comfort! Super, I will use it again and again!

  10. Kristina

    Wow, 100+% everything matches the product description and promo: taste, solubility. After tasting it, I can honestly say that it is the best protein I have ever tasted. I really liked it 🙂

  11. Omala

    Almost at the same time as I finished the old Daily Spoon proteins, I found out that there are new, improved flavours. I bought the caramel one and I am very satisfied! Of course, I added a little extra of everything to make it more filling, but the taste is infinitely better! I can only feel the caramel 🙂 Bravo!

  12. Gerda

    Well, I never write any reviews, but today I must… I’ve just tasted the proteins in both light caramel and dark chocolate… WOW… very tasty… even the kids, who are not always convinced by the taste and texture, tasted it and asked for more… wow… good luck with what you are doing…!

  13. Vita

    I used it mixed with everything, it was very very tasty 🙂 I was one of those who couldn’t beat the Recovery taste 🙈 I could feel the aftertaste no matter with what additives. And now AMAZING! Thank you for this invention!

  14. Erika

    I was one of the focus group members and I tried the protein today after my half marathon, I was very keen to try the product after a higher intensity to see the results 🙏🏽 I took the mix in the first half of the day, about 30 minutes after the half marathon, and I’m writing this review in the evening and I’d really like to add a couple of thoughts on how I feel. Usually, if I ran a training session of this length in the first half of the day, the rest of the day was extremely quiet, slow, with a sore head and a tired body – I needed time for my body to recover (I must point out that training sessions of the length of a half marathon are quite rare in my plan, 1 time every 1-2 weeks, so they require more effort and are more tiring). Today was probably the first time that I didn’t feel any headache at all in the second half of the day after a long workout, I was running while playing with my dog outside and actively doing housework. There could be many reasons for this, but I want to believe that the Daily Spoon protein I had after the workout did its job PERFECTLY!

  15. Ernesta

    I was part of the test group and I really didn’t expect that even just mixed with water it would look like I was drinking a milkshake. The first impression was definitely WOW! It will be very interesting to try it with milk, because it seems to taste just like the milkshake from my childhood 😍.

  16. Agnė

    As a focus group member, I have had the opportunity to try proteins earlier. With the caramel flavour, it was practically love at first sip 😅 Immediately there is a very mild, subtle and not too sweet caramel taste. There is no artificial aftertaste, not even sweetener. I gave it to my husband, who is active, and he loved it too! It’s also easy to use, and I liked the fact that you can just mix it with water and have a great smoothie in minutes.

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(16 customer reviews)

The first of its kind in Europe: plant-based but creamy proteins

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Common pea proteins (on the left) are often insoluble, have a flour-like taste and pea flavor. We aimed to ensure that active people no longer have to choose proteins between those that have a great taste or understandable ingredients. Thanks to science and technology, we have (on the right) the first in Europe creamy, soluble and, according to the focus group, delicious plant-based protein.

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Expect more from your proteins

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It’s more than just good protein. We’ve elevated our formula by adding superfood ingredients: with each serving, you’ll not only get 14 grams of protein but also fiber, adaptogenic mushrooms and maca root for a sweet energy boost.

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