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Ceremoninė matcha

Ceremonial Matcha

Ceremonial Gokou Matcha - a traditional Japanese green tea of the highest quality, with a rich and naturally sweet flavour, made from the first harvest of young leaves in Wazuka.


30 servings | 30 g

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About the product

The authentic matcha loved by connoisseurs is sourced from the town of Wazuka, which is known as one of the best matcha tea-producing regions in Japan and across the world.

The tea powder is made from tea leaves grown in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight, resulting in a higher level of chlorophyll and the amino acid L-Teanine. The higher chlorophyll levels give the tea leaves a particularly rich green color and a high concentration of antioxidants and nutrients, while the L-Teanine gives the tea a stronger umami flavor.

Only the finest and softest tea leaves are carefully harvested from only the tops of the tea plants to make ceremonial Gokou matcha. The stems and veins are also removed to reduce the bitterness of the tea and result in an extremely fine powder. The leaves are then dried under natural conditions and ground in Japanese stone mills to a bright green powder.

Gokou matcha from Wazuka, Kyoto region, is part of an ancient Japanese tea-making tradition.


An excellent source of antioxidants. Matcha is known for its antioxidant properties, which help to reduce the damage caused by oxidative stress.

A source of energy and productivity. Matcha has a natural caffeine content that provides energy, but unlike coffee, matcha also contains the amino acid L-theanine. It slows down the release of caffeine – mellowing it out and helping you to relax. Instead of caffeine being released quickly and causing energy levels to drop, as in the case of coffee, the energy in matcha is released more slowly and evenly. This is the reason why matcha produces a feeling of calm alertness. In addition, caffeine and L-theanine can work together to help you focus on tasks that require concentration.


This matcha has the perfect combination of creamy richness and mild sweetness. It is carefully packaged on the farm to preserve the freshness, aroma and taste for the best experience.

How to use?

Ceremonial matcha is meant to be used simply with water: add one teaspoon of matcha powder through a strainer into the cup to avoid lumps, as high-quality matcha has a creamy texture.

Pour a small amount of hot (but not boiling) water (50ml) and stir well with a whisk or superfood mixer – once there are no lumps, add as much water and/or milk or ice as you like.

Although ceremonial matcha can be used to make a matcha latte, the milk often masks its authentic flavor, so we recommend enjoying it the traditional way. If you like to use matcha with milk, in cocktails, or in desserts, we recommend the classic matcha.

Don’t forget your matcha whisk

Enjoy an authentic Japanese tea ceremony at home thanks to a bamboo whisk.

Matcha ir plakiklis


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Try the ritual with classic matcha

If you like to use matcha to make lattes, smoothies, chia puddings, or if you’re just new to matcha, we suggest you to try the classic one.

Klasikinė matcha
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11 reviews for Ceremonial Matcha

  1. Irma

    Very tasty, mild and aromatic.

  2. Eglė Verified owner

    I love this matcha! I will order it again.

  3. Gintarė

    Today, for the first time, I tried your ceremonial matcha. Unbelievable. The taste is so good, and the color is fantastic!

  4. Greta

    I didn’t think I would ‘get used to’ matcha so quickly! It’s very tasty, has a rich flavor, and I only drink it with water, no need for any other additional ingredients.

  5. Gintarė

    I want to express my delight and praise your ceremonial matcha. I’ll admit – I was a bit skeptical, thinking, can it really be that different from the regular kind? 🙂 And yet, it is! Wow, what a delicious and smooth matcha. Thank you!

  6. Erika

    OMG, it’s wonderful. The color and texture are top-notch. I prefer drinks with milk, so I took a sip of coconut-almond milk, and it tasted delicious. My husband really liked it too, but he only had it with water. I see a great new ritual in front of us again❤️

  7. Simona

    We made ceremonial matcha tea together, and its color is wow, compared to another one bought elsewhere – it’s such an unfaded, vibrant green. As for yours, it’s brilliantly bright green, and the taste is wonderful, thank you for such flavor! It seems I haven’t tasted good matcha tea before 😊

  8. Rūta

    A 100% sincere recommendation. I’ve been to Japan and participated in an authentic matcha tea ceremony. Daily Spoon matcha is on par with the matcha I tried during my travels. Excellent texture, color, and taste. It froths perfectly when using a bamboo whisk!

  9. Alina

    I discovered Daily Spoon Matcha, and my heart skipped a beat. I received advice to make a tonic with it, and it seemed like the world had brightened up. It felt like everything was perfect, and it couldn’t get any better, but that’s what it’s like – ceremonial matcha. When you crave a warm shot of energy, the ‘ceremony’ begins as soon as you turn that cute little container. And the taste is just amazing, it’s impossible not to mention it.

  10. Erika

    A perfect box for journeys, into which I can put in other blends. But the sweetness of ceremonial matcha is truly felt, even when drinking it with water.

  11. Alisa

    Received this matcha to try as a Daily Spoon partner and wanted to be the first to leave a review – this matcha is amazing! Taste, color, texture – super!

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(11 customer reviews)
Ceremonial matcha

Top quality sourced straight from the village of Wazuka in Japan

Gut prime ritualas mikrobiotai


Authentic matcha originates from the town of Wazuka, located in the southern Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. The town is known as one of the best matcha tea-producing regions in Japan and around the world. Wazuka has the best weather and soil conditions for matcha production. Tea plantations in the region are surrounded by mountains and rivers, providing an ideal environment for growing tea leaves.

This town uses traditional cultivation methods to maintain the high quality of matcha tea. One of the most unique cultivation techniques used by Wazuka tea farmers is the “ooishita” method, which involves shielding the tea bushes from direct sunlight using special nets. This technique allows the leaves to grow slowly, producing a more luscious green colour and better flavour.

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Difference between classic matcha and ceremonial matcha

Ceremonial matcha is sourced from the youngest leaves, the first harvest in early spring. Classic matcha leaves are picked later in the second harvests.

Ceremonial matcha is intended to be enjoyed as a tea, with just a splash of water, while classic one is for matcha lattes, or to flavour smoothies, desserts, porridges or yoghurt. Ceremonial matcha has a slightly sweeter flavour, while classic matcha has a richer flavour due to the riper leaves.

Ceremonial matcha has a rich green colour, while classic matcha is a little more subtle. Both types of matcha are rich in antioxidants, caffeine and L-theanine for more stable energy and focus.

Ceremonial matcha: from cultivation to a cup of tea

Grown in Wazuka, Kyoto region

Wazuka is known as one of the best matcha tea growing regions in Japan and around the world. It uses traditional matcha-growing methods and the area itself has the ideal weather and soil conditions for matcha production.

Protected from the sun

Shade growing is a traditional technique that promotes higher chlorophyll levels. This gives the tea leaves a particularly rich green color and a high concentration of antioxidants and nutrients, while L-theanine gives the tea a stronger umami flavor.

Carefully selected by hand

Only the finest and softest tea leaves are hand-selected for the ceremonial matcha, using only the tops of the tea plants. The stems and veins are also removed to reduce the bitterness of the tea and to achieve a very fine powder.

Naturally dried and traditionally grinded

The leaves are dried under natural conditions and grinded in Japanese stone mills to preserve the nutritional qualities and colour of the matcha, as well as being milled into an extremely fine powder.