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For Gut Bliss

Minimalist superfood formula that supports digestion and nourishes our gut from within.

(68 customer reviews)


30 servings | 200 g pack

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About the blend
We don’t believe in magic or slimming teas, but we do trust science. The ingredients are handpicked by a certified nutritionist based on their benefits for gut function. This natural and minimalist formula supports your gut and digestive functions with fibre, freeze-dried veggies, omega-3 acids, and prebiotics.
Why you will love it
The blend is rich in fibre and calcium, which help to maintain the normal functions of the digestive system. Spanish sage seeds are nutritious with Omega 3 fatty acids and fiber, while lyophilized topinambs are a source of probiotics which also feed the microbiota and thus strengthen our immunity.

Spirulina is nutritious in terms of protein, vitamins A, B2, B4 and magnesium and iron minerals. The flavour of the mix is softened by the aroma of Ceylon cinnamon, which also reduces the need for sugar and snacking.

What results can I expect?

We guarantee the highest quality ingredients and the expertise of a naturopathic nutritionist in the production of these products. In order to be transparent about both the results that can be achieved while using the blends as well as their limitations, we would like to kindly emphasize that our products are only an additional aid on your journey to health and well-being. To achieve the best results possible, it is important to take into account all the factors that influence our body’s health, such as diet, external care and stress.

Ingredients and nutritional value
Ingredients: Spanish sage (Chia) seeds, Jerusalem artichokes, spinach, ginger (Zingiber officinale), spirulina, Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum).

(Packed in an environment where traces of nuts and celery are possible.)

Nutritional value

How to use?
The blend is cinnamon and ginger flavoured, but has a slightly ‘greener’ taste due to the spinach and spirulina, so we suggest using it with fruit smoothies or simply mixed with a large glass of water. 

It is recommended to take 2 teaspoons (7g) per day. Usage methods should not exceed 60°C temperature.

Store it sealed in a dry, dark and cool place.

Try together with
For Skin Glow for better results
Our customers’ favourite duo – glowing skin & smooth digestion!
(92 customer reviews)


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Try the GLOW bundle & save

This routine supports your gut health, glowing skin and balanced energy. The bundle contains 80 servings of superfoods!

Supermaisto rinkinys virškinimui, odai, energijai

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Ratings & Reviews

68 reviews for For Gut Bliss

  1. Elvyra

    In the morning I thought “I can’t believe how amazing this product is”. I am super happy with the product for digestion, as much as I have used it, I have never once had a bloated stomach. I have also bought other blends, and I am happy to be using it, because my skin is glowing,I even feel great, because I consume such healthy nutrients so easily during the day. I will definitely buy again when the blends run out, and when I return home abroad, I will order more

  2. Justina

    I have this blend for the gut bliss, although it took some getting used to the taste, but its excellent composition made up for it. I feel much lighter.

  3. Dalia

    Your blends are amazing! I use it every day and I’m glad I have them. Lots of people were sharing that they were using them, so they seemed to be everywhere around and with a lot of good reviews. I decided to try it myself and I can say that It is very easy to include them in your diet because there are many ways to do it; I think you’re doing a really amazing job. Great job!

  4. Nerijus

    I’ve ordered Gut Bliss package to try it out and finished after a month. I can say that it made me feel better. Obviously it won’t make all your problems disappear if there’s something more serious but it certainly can be a great addition to your healthy lifestyle and improve your day to day life. Plus it’s quite tasty, especially when you mix it with some fruit and vegetables. Tasty and healthy, so it’s a win win.

  5. Austeja

    I followed the brand for a long time, wanted to try some products and decided to finally do it:) Indeed, as advertised, it improved the activity of the gut. Everything was constantly bubbling in the stomach, and after using For Gut Bliss you will feel a sense of lightness along with the lost couple of kilograms 🙂 I use it with water, because I have used spirulina before, so the taste is good for me 🙂 Thank you, I will try other blends. Thank you for the blend and your sincerity!!!

  6. Vida

    The blends were recommended by my daughter. I’ve been using it for a short time, but I noticed that my stomach is less bloated. In the morning, I add it to porridge, yogurt or just mix it in a cup of water and drink it. I still think I will order more, maybe I need to use it longer to notice even more results, thank you

  7. Milda

    It all started when I had to leave for a while. Digestion was disturbed, of course, the discomfort appeared. I have tried everything – changed my diet, visited various doctors and took the drugs they prescribed, but nothing helped. I decided to eat only grains and vegetables and just wait to get back home. But when I came back, the problems continued. I visited a lot of specialists again, almost became addicted to lactulose, until finally I decided to try the gut bliss blend. At first I was really skeptical, but after receiving the blend, I drank it for several mornings. All the problems were gone within a week. I am extremely grateful, thank you for being here and helping people.

  8. Laura

    The blend is very tasty, it has become my daily routine in the morning before breakfast. Thank you and best of luck with your expansion! ;))

  9. Jolita

    My daughter encouraged me to try these blends because she uses a balance blend. I try to use the blend for gut bliss regularly. This blend tastes best to me with buttermilk. The collagen boost blend is tastier, I drink it both with water and with buttermilk.

  10. Auguste

    My sister, who was the first to try these blends, encouraged me to try Daily Spoon’s blend for gut bliss. It has become part of my daily routine. I usually drink the blend in the morning, with water or make a smoothie. Not only has the digestion improved, but also the condition of the skin. I think you could advertise more because your products are life changing 🙂

  11. Aristiada

    This blend is absolutely amazing! I’ve been waiting to use it for a longer period of time before I can leave a review. I have been taking it every morning for three months now, it is the first “food supplement” that I never forget, I can’t start eating until I have finished it. I didn’t expect miracles, it was interesting to see what would happen and after a while I noticed that I finally stopped overeating, the desire for “junk food” hasn’t disappeared, but I want to eat a lot less, which has also reduced my bloating. I highly recommend it!

  12. Nika

    Until now, I drink the gut bliss blend every morning. Why did I start with it? Because I constantly have a bloated stomach and acne. Especially during the winter, I used to eat everything and I felt myself getting worse, I used to be at work with my trousers unbuttoned because I couldn’t button them because of my bloated stomach… But after I started taking it every morning, I’ve got it all sorted out and I can button my trousers at last 😁

  13. Egle

    I love your products, especially the gut bliss blend. I have solved my bowel problems with the help of the blend. Thank you😊.

  14. Greta

    I have been using the skin, energy and gut bliss blends for a week now. I can’t say much about the skin and energy ones yet, except that they are very tasty and my morning porridge with ‘Skin glow’ has really become my new ritual! But for ‘Gut bliss’, it’s amazing! I’m pregnant at the moment and I know that most pregnant women (and not only) have to deal with the ‘joys’ of stomach acid rise. I am among them. Sometimes I even had to take medication several times a day because the burning was unbearable. But hey, after only a week of using the bowel mix, I haven’t had to take medicine once! I am so happy to have discovered you and to have finally tried it, and I am looking forward to trying other products. ❤️ Live long and keep us happy! 😍

  15. Aiste

    I was very sceptical at first but when I tried ‘Gut bliss’ it really made a difference – I feel a loooot better, my digestion works good now, my skin is clear, thanks to Daily Spoon. Now I am trying out other product – for hormones balance and I am really excited to see results as well – I am most certain this will work too considering great ingredients company uses. Thanks a lot!!

  16. Monika

    I’ve tried all of their blends at least once and I was not disappointed. If used daily, they really do improve your overall health. My favorite ones are ‘for Immune System’, ‘for Gut Bliss’, ‘to Relax’. Currently I’m trying their newest blend for hormonal balance & I’ve noticed positive changes 🤍 Also, you have to try their Matcha powder – it’s sooo good.

  17. Greta

    Amazing products, had a lot of problems with my gut, feeling bloated after eating, bad digestion and their blend “gut bliss” saved me. Really recommend to try it!

  18. Ala

    I didn’t have any major skin problems, but I definitely felt that it looked much better after I started taking for skin glow. And I liked the blend for gut as well, I felt its effect even more, when I finished it. I’ll get more 🙂

  19. Agne

    I’ve had acne since I was 18, I took medication for a few years and everything was fine. When I stopped taking them, it’s miserable… it’s all back. Since the end of December, I got a present and started taking skin glow+gut+collagen. My skin is perfect, glowing! Breakouts have become a VERY rare guest!
    Thank you, it looks like you got a customer for life!

  20. Lina

    I’ve been taking for gut bliss for a while, it really works!!!!! Everything is fine 🙂 thank you!!!! After three days the effect was noticeable.
    As for the immunity of the child, I really believe that it will help and strengthen 🙂 my little one is a hero, even if it’s bitter, but she always remembers to drink 😀 Since October, it’s been a circle…sickness, every month. I am very supportive and happy with your production, good luck with your growth and improvement.

  21. Monika

    Hi, I wanted to share my experience with your gut bliss blend. It’s some kind of miracle.I bought it a long time ago, but somehow I didn’t take it every day, but I kept drinking it occassionally. One day my stomach was very upset and uneasy and I remembered that I had your blend. So I took it and you know, within an hour it was as if the discomfort was taken away by hand. Then I started drinking it every day in the morning before breakfast, and now I’ve finished and I’ve ordered some more for the gut and a few others, I’m looking forward to it. Thank you for creating such good products, best of luck 🙂

  22. Rūta

    Hello. The blends were recommended by my daughter, who has been using them for quite some time. I use the blends for gut bliss and for collagen boost. The collagen blend is fascinating for its taste, the gut mix needs a boost, I use lemon, then it’s great. Thank you for the fantastic products. We will be friends!

  23. Egle

    I was very good at using the mixes when I was at home (my husband and I were ill), but now I’ve neglected them a bit, we seem to get up early, there’s no time, and it doesn’t seem to make sense to drink them in the evening, but I’m making a promise to myself to find time in the morning to make a cocktail with your mixes.
    The packaging is convenient and the description on the packaging is clear. Ordering and delivery – 100 points. Thank you. Good luck in the future.

  24. Rufina

    I really liked the Gut Bliss and Energy blends. My intestinal function has settled down and the first positive results appeared after the first week. Today I no longer have the blend (but I plan to buy it again) and the funny thing is that there is an effect anyway, so I dare to think that taking the formula has a long-lasting positive effect on the body. Which is what makes me the happiest :). Also, the flavours of the mixes are great, they blend well, there is no unpleasant aftertaste, both when mixed with water and in a smoothie.
    As for the energy mix, maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe it’s not, but the first time I drank it (admittedly, it was around 7pm), I felt energetic and very positive until midnight. I never drank that late again :). I’m a cinnamon lover, so this mix is almost like a dessert for me.
    I haven’t tried the other mixes yet, but when I do, I’ll be able to share my impressions :).

  25. Lina

    I first bought the blend for my husband 😊 so he has been using it for longer, his gut activity has improved (he has problems with his gut in general and medically). And I still don’t have time to try it myself🙈 but I will do it today, and I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. The kids drink the blend for immunity, it’s a bit too bitter for them 🙈 but…they drink it because they need to 😊.

  26. Karolina

    I have been monitoring my health more closely for a good year now – when having an autoimmune disease and allergies it is inevitable and cannot be ignored. Some of the most important things I had to include in my diet were Jerusalem artichokes, spirulina, spinach, various seeds and polyphenols. Just as there were a lot of good reviews about your products floating around, I decided to take a look and what a mix for the gut – it’s almost made for me (at least for the first three food recommendations)! I immediately ordered it.
    I drink the blend in the morning, before breakfast. As long as I have been drinking this mixture, I have no more intestinal pains. Of course, I also use other remedies in addition, but the blend for gut health has really contributed to the improvement of my health!

  27. Rugile

    I think it’s obvious that Daily Spoon has really become a daily ritual. I’m going to go and tell everyone how worth a try it is! I’ve already recruited at least three friends. 🤭 I’m happy to have found you and I don’t plan to part with you!

  28. Ajanta

    When I came back from my trip, everything was disbalanced: my stomach was bloated, my bowels were constipated, and neither the good bacteria, nor medications, nor sport were helping. Then I found you. I’ll say this, I don’t believe a single comment until I try it for myself. Then I ordered your gut-cleansing formula… Results: AMAZING!!! Today I feel incredible: no bloating, no constipation, I am full of energy and I know that I will go to the gym all happy. And my face… The skin is glowing! I have another issue: hair loss. Well, I’m on my way to order another of your blends 😉

  29. Dovile

    As I have my own digestive issues, skin problems and am currently interested in more natural products, I was interested in your blends. I try to use the blends every day, even though I sometimes forget. I am very happy with the blend for the skin, not only is it delicious for my skin, but I can see how my skin seems to be improving, it’s so much more elastic and I hope it’s not a coincidence, but it seems to make a difference. I also like the blend for the gut health formula very much! I will definitely use your services again! And best of luck in growing this business. 🙂

  30. Gintare

    I’ve had digestive problems since I was a teenager. I read all the reviews about your formula and decided to give it a try. I have to say that I am really very satisfied with the Gut Bliss blend! After using it for a while, it feels like it wakes up the gut 🙂 I can’t comment much on the skin blend yet, I think it should be used longer 🙂 I’m planning to order more soon + try something new too ! 🙂

  31. Migle

    I’m all for a healthy lifestyle and these mixes look like a great part of that 🙂 It’s been great to use and I’m very happy with it, especially the Gut Bliss blend. Although it is suggested to use it daily, I don’t do that, I feel a very strong effect which seems to last more than one day, so I use it every 2-3 days.

  32. Ieva

    I was one of those people who was always tempted by healthy smoothies, but I never had the motivation to make them, I just ran out of ideas. Well, when I started drinking cocktails according to your recipes, I formed a new habit and I never run out of ideas on what kind of cocktail to make today, thanks to you. After just one week of use, I have already noticed a change in my skin and in my appetite, now I eat almost anything and everything I want!

  33. Joana

    I’ve been using 2 of your blends (hair/nails and gut) and I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but I have the feeling that my hair loss is reduced. I can feel changes in my gut too, I just can’t identify what’s happening yet 🙂 I don’t seem to have had any bloating problems this month. The blends themselves are tasty, so I have no difficulty using them.

  34. Grazvile

    I use maca powder to flavour my porridge, it adds a great aftertaste to it. I decided to try the Gut Bliss blend because I have constant problems with my stomach… I can say that I really like it, there is no bloating anymore. I plan to try other mixes in the future, because now the rating is 10+!

  35. Monika

    I was looking for a more natural, user-friendly supplement that would help my metabolism return to normal. I chose For Gut Bliss and For Energy.
    After a week, I was pleasantly surprised – my bloating and heaviness after meals were gone and I was having regular bowel movements! I feel more invigorated and calmer.
    I take For Gut Bliss with water in the morning, before breakfast, and For Energy in smoothies with fruit – the best dessert and snack.
    I am satisfied and I will definitely order more because I feel the positive effects.
    Thank you for creating!

  36. Mante

    I use your mixes every day and I really don’t have unpleasant gut discomfort anymore. And so far, the runny nose is gone, although I got sick at the beginning of autumn.
    The Gut Bliss blend is now a great addition to my cooked buckwheat, it even makes it tastier.

  37. Guoda

    Using the blends has been going great! Your instagram account, which I follow, is a great help and has a lot of really useful information to help me incorporate the blends into my diet as much as possible, in different forms 🙂
    Gut Bliss blend in the morning, then oatmeal with the Energy blend. Sometimes I also make a smoothie after the gym with plant milk, frozen banana, nut butter and Energy blend. I usually drink the blend for skin during the day just mixed with water. I’ve only used the immunity blend once so far, but I made a Turmeric Latte (recipe also from your instagram account), and will probably use it more often as the weather gets colder.
    DailySpoon has naturally become a part of my daily food routine.

  38. Gintare

    The effect really feels. I also have stomach problems, it is very important to me that it is not irritated! Everything so far is super 🙂

  39. Daiva

    If I could, I would hug you for this good 🙂 I thought no one would help my gut anymore, and here I was surprised. I feel really better!

  40. Zivile

    I got tempted by the ingredients description and the reviews I read. These were a little questionable because I was wondering if they could really be that good? It seems that the results can be felt after a couple of weeks, because the condition of the skin is really improving, and the feeling of a “balloon” in the abdomen has disappeared. I am very satisfied and will definitely become a regular customer. Thanks 🌿

  41. Solveiga

    Buvau stipriai nustebinta skoniu, buvau pasiruošus blogiausiam,nes dažniausiai kas sveika, nelabai skanu,bet šis mišinys yra wow! Dar efekto nežinau,nes pirmą kart išgėriau šiandien,bet jeigu ir neveiks (kuo abejoju), būsiu laiminga,nes tai puikiai paskanina mano kokteilius! Ačiū už tokį nuostabų produktą! Laukiu kol galėsiu išbandyti kitus mišinius ☺️

  42. Agne

    I am pleasantly surprised by the blend! Now I use it for a week and the bloating is gone

  43. Jolanta

    You make special products. This blend helped me get my digestion completely in place on the third day after the leg surgery. I couldn’t imagine how but now, when I walk minimally, I am able to enjoy a normal digestion. Also, it takes just 2 minutes to make a nutritious breakfast cocktail. and does not require much effort 🙂

  44. Benita

    I notice decreased stomach problems while using the blend. It makes easier to digest heavy food. Although I have been using the blend for a short time, the change is obvious! I bought the blend for my mom 🙂

  45. Andzela

    While using the blend, I noticed that so much gas no longer accumulates. Oh and I still like the taste of it. If I don’t want a cocktail with bananas and other green things, then I simply drink it with soy milk, with yogurt, too.

  46. Aiste

    A gut blend has already become my favorite breakfast ritual! 🥰 Also, it serves extra vitamins when in the morning I occasionally lazy to cook. It’s only been two weeks since I use it, but I really feel less discomfort and bloating! 👏

  47. Jurgita

    All the superfood that sat on the shelves is now in one package. Very very convenient and thus better to use 🙂

  48. Justina

    I’ve always had problems with bloating, using this blend has solved this problem! I tried not to take it for a couple of days and the problems started again. So, the conclusion is only one – the blend really works !!

  49. Rasa

    There were days that I was bothered with digestive problems, especially bloating. When I started using the blend for the gut, after a couple of days I felt relief, I even forgot the feeling of discomfort! A very effective product. I like to mix and drink with tomato juice the most! Saturated with a sharper taste, very easily heals and activates intestinal activity. I use it personally, so I can recommend it.

  50. Greta

    A product I can’t imagine my morning! Natural, effective – one of the biggest discoveries 🌿

  51. Bernardas

    I can’t imagine a better name for this brand than Daily Spoon – because it really became a “daily” ritual for both me and my mom who had digestive problems. Drink every morning with lemon on an empty stomach for 30 min. before meals and super! Thanks for being!

  52. Gaive Glodenyte

    I am really satisfied with the gut health mix. I’ve used it for a week and I can definitely feel some positive changes within my gut and digestion. The taste is really pleasant so it’s easy to mix it in with whatever smoothies I usually make.

  53. Kotryna

    has become an integral part of my daily routine, a kind of ritual and really a habit that makes me feel much “lighter”, I try to drink more water, and the need to snack has decreased significantly. Well, and anyway, the overall well-being of the body is better, which is why I think my emotional state is better. I am also very happy that after discovering your products, I also discovered an extremely interesting newsletter. Thank you for being and creating!

  54. Ieva

    Became a breakfast tradition. I don’t know what miracles you do there, but my digestive system is organized, I feel more energetic, no longer so “bloated”. Maybe the time that passed after giving birth (now 8 months) also contributed, but the blend really helped to move the gut, I drink more water, and the weight started to decrease a bit.
    So thank you for your denied prejudice and quality product – I now recommend it to my friends and mom. Thank you! ❤️

  55. Jurate

    The taste of drinking with water is a bit strong, but with juice is good. I immediately felt less bloating and a more active bowel. Full service was also great 🙂

  56. Ema

    Not only did the intestinal function improve, but the skin also became brighter. I really like it, I will try others!

  57. Perfect

    I’m drinking my third blend and I no longer know how I used to live without it. I blend it with juice and drink it delicious every morning 🙂

  58. Diana

    The bloating stopped the same day, I immediately felt the effect. Glad to have discovered you!

  59. Asta

    I love this blend! From ingredients to effect. Very pleased that my trips to the toilet are finally regular.

  60. Super

    For a long time I was looking for a product with natural ingredients to help balance my gut activity. I’m so glad I found it!

  61. Admirer

    I’m already buying a third blend, now I can’t imagine a day without it. Awesome product!

  62. Migle

    I am very satisfied! I finally found a product with a natural and understandable composition and a great effect. Bloating decreased and intestinal activity intensified.

  63. Miglė

    I am very satisfied! I finally found a product with a natural and understandable composition and a great effect. Bloating decreased and intestinal activity intensified.

  64. Skaistė

    Really liked it! Definitely activating the digestion and the gut itself. I feel lighter and the skin has become brighter as well. I will try others!

  65. Rūta

    I am very happy to have discovered this product! I immediately felt the effect, my bloating decreased and my tummy became flatter. Very satisfied, I will try other products

  66. Šarūnė

    After drinking a smoothie with this powder in the morning, I run to the toilet and everything cleans up perfectly! Cool!

  67. Evelina

    I immediately felt a faster metabolism. I liked it

  68. Jurita

    Very glad that I have tried! Next to a clean diet, it seems that the stomach worked at all without any triggers, there was no bloating and so on. 🙏🏼

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(68 customer reviews)
Easy to use
to use
Created by nutritionist
Created by nutritionist
Only natural ingredients
Only natural ingredients
100% vegan
No added sugar
No added sugar
No artificial additives
No artificial additives
Gluten & Dairy Free
Gluten & Dairy Free

How to use?

This blend tastes like ginger and cinnamon but also has a slighter “green” taste, so we recommend drinking it with a large glass of water, juice or adding it to your smoothies.

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