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High-quality matcha from Wazuka for the finest lattes and gourmet masterpieces to make at home.

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About the product
This premium matcha comes from Wazuka, a town in Kyoto Prefecture known for producing some of the finest matcha tea globally. Not only does this region offer ideal weather and soil conditions for matcha, but also growers here follow traditional methods to cultivate and produce it. The tea is carefully packed at directly the farm to maintain its freshness, aroma, and flavor, ensuring an exceptional experience for tea enthusiasts.

The highest quality standards make it possible to make the perfect latte at home and enjoy the taste with a smooth energy and the ease to concentrate.

Country of origin: Japan

Why you will love it

A source of energy and productivity. Matcha has a natural caffeine content that provides energy, but unlike coffee, matcha also contains the amino acid L-theanine. It slows down the release of caffeine – mellowing it out and helping you to relax. Instead of caffeine being released quickly and causing energy levels to drop, as in the case of coffee, the energy in matcha is released more slowly and evenly. This is the reason why matcha produces a feeling of calm alertness. In addition, caffeine and L-theanine can work together to help you focus on tasks that require concentration.

An excellent source of antioxidants. Matcha is known for its antioxidant properties, which help to reduce the damage caused by oxidative stress.


Ingredients: 100% matcha green tea powder.

(Packed in an environment where traces of nuts and celery are possible.)

Nutritional value

How to use?

This matcha is best suited for making smooth, creamy lattes. Sift 1 teaspoon of matcha powder into a glass and add 10 ml of water to make a matcha paste using a bamboo whisk or a frother. Gradually add another 40 ml of hot water and stir again. Separately, heat the milk and beat with a whisk until the desired foam is formed. Then pour it over the matcha and enjoy.

Don’t forget superfood mixer

In order to make matcha lattes, you’ll need a good milk mixer. This one is the best.


In case you are looking for a ceremonial matcha

We invite you to try the highest quality ceremonial matcha from Wazuka Village in Japan. Naturally sweet taste and creamy texture.

Supermaisto rinkinys virškinimui, odai, imunitetui, energijai
(11 customer reviews)


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Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews for Matcha

  1. Gabrielė

    I tried the Daily Spoon matcha, amazing taste! And the new recipe with blueberries that I tasted at Caffeine is a real masterpiece! Thank you for creating and taking care of your customers!

  2. Saulė

    I really liked it, it had a mild, real matcha taste. Good quality and convenient packaging. The colour is rich green. I’ve bought it a couple of times already and highly recommend it 🍵🤍

  3. Agnė

    Not a day without this Matcha! I quickly changed my coffee to mattcha 💚 it is a revelation, like all the other products from daily spoon. Wonderful taste, both cold and hot matcha latte ! I recommend 100% to try it!

  4. Vita

    Perfect! I’ve never tried matcha before and kept hesitating and settling for a cup of coffee, but when I finally took the plunge, I was pleasantly surprised – it tastes amazing, the energy boost is guaranteed, and what’s more, it has all the healthy benefits 💚

  5. Eimantė Verified owner

    I tried the new matcha and oh my God, it’s so good, it’s nothing like any coffee shop, so delicious, so smooth, the colour is bright, it’s a rich green, it feels like I’m drinking a good quality product. I recommend to get into it and save money by not spending it on low quality matcha in the city 🙂

  6. Vaida

    I have tasted other Matcha, I didn’t like it and didn’t use it anymore, but after some time I gave a chance to try another one, so I chose this one and I’m very happy😊Now I have my own ritual with a cup Matcha❤️

  7. Vytautė

    I’ve just tried a new match. It was WOW🦋🫧It’s great to have a screw-top jar, it’s somehow more convenient to store in the kitchen. And the taste surprised me. I had the old matcha, so even the colour is different. The ice with milk and the new matcha was the best combination for today🥰 Colour, taste💯💯💯I recommend it to everybody, if you’re looking for a good quality and tasty matcha, it’s only HERE💙💙 P.S. I bought my first matcha here, I haven’t bought it anywhere else, and I don’t intend to look for any other

  8. Akvilė

    One of the best matcha teas, as far as I’ve tried from other shops, health food stores, cafes, so far no one has beaten this classic matcha. When restocking, matcha should be a must-have in your basket.👌🏻🍵🥰

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(8 customer reviews)

Top quality sourced straight from the village of Wazuka in Japan

Gut prime ritualas mikrobiotai


Authentic matcha comes from the village of Wazuka in the southern prefecture of Kyoto, Japan. This town is known as one of the best matcha tea-producing regions in Japan and the world, thanks to its optimal weather and soil conditions for matcha production. The tea plantations in this region are surrounded by mountains and rivers, which provide an ideal environment for growing tea leaves.

In stock

Matcha’s journey from plantation to creamy latte

Grown in Wazuka, Kyoto region

This is one of the best matcha-growing areas in the world, where traditional green tea cultivation methods are used and the area itself has optimal weather and soil conditions for matcha production.

Carefully selected

The leaves are dried under natural conditions and ground in Japanese stone mills to preserve the nutritional qualities and colour of the matcha, and crushed to an extremely fine powder.

Suitable for beginners and gourmets

Matcha’s high quality standards allow it to be enjoyed as an experience of Japanese culture or as a cozy, energizing beverage.