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For Immune System

This creamy gingerbread-cookie superfood latte will boost your immune system.

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30 servings | 200 g pack

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About the blend
A hug in a mug. That’s the most accurate way to describe this blend. We handpicked superfood ingredients to support your immune system and fight off the blues after a long day. The mix of cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric is rich in antioxidants, minerals like iron and superfood mushrooms like reishi.
Why you will love it
The reishi mushroom powder and iron in the blend activate and strengthen our immunity. Strong antioxidants such as Ceylon cinnamon, turmeric and ginger reduce the effects of oxidative stress on our body. They also are aromatic spices which will turn this superfood blend into a cosy and warming drink.

What results can I expect?

We guarantee the highest quality ingredients and the expertise of a naturopathic nutritionist in the production of these products. In order to be transparent about both the results that can be achieved while using the blends as well as their limitations, we would like to kindly emphasize that our products are only an additional aid on your journey to health and well-being. To achieve the best results possible, it is important to take into account all the factors that influence our body’s health, such as diet, external care and stress.

Ingredients and nutritional value
Ingredients: reishi mushroom, lucuma, ginger (Zingiber officinale), Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum), turmeric, black pepper, coconut MCT, oat milk powder, cloves, cardamom, muscat.

(Packed in an environment where traces of nuts and celery are possible.)

Nutritional value

How to use?
We recommend using the blend while warm, as this is the best way to absorb the turmeric. The blend has a ginger and cinnamon flavour, so mix it with warm plant milk to make a turmeric latte-like drink. 

It is recommended to take 2 teaspoons (7 g) per day. Usage methods should not exceed 80°C temperature.

Store it sealed in a dry, dark and cool place.

Don’t forget superfood mixer

The best way to use this blend is as a turmeric latte. Just mix it with warm milk.


Try Immunity and calm bundle & save

The combination of adaptogens and turmeric latte in the routine will not only boost your immunity, but also calm you down and ensure quality sleep.

Supermaisto rinkinys virškinimui, odai, imunitetui, energijai

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Ratings & Reviews

36 reviews for For Immune System

  1. Agnė

    The greatest enemy against all colds! As soon as I feel the symptoms of a cold, I take the immunity blend, and usually I feel great the next day. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but I give the credit to the formula. I like to add cocoa for a better taste, it’s really tasty:)

  2. Karolina

    Maybe a placebo effect, maybe it really works! At the first sign of a cold, I brew cocoa with this mixture at home and vuolia – a whole winter without any serious illnesses, even though last year I had stay in bed almost every month.

  3. Akvilė

    The blend does have a strong aftertaste, unless you put half a teaspoon in a cup and top it up with more plant milk. I did not notice any strong effects on immunity, perhaps other products already have a positive effect on the immune system. I drink it occasionally because I know that the composition is useful, but the taste makes it difficult to use.

  4. Martina

    Very well balanced taste, a truly wonderful product for the cold season.

  5. Laura

    The immunity blend is unreal! It has become my cold season ritual.

  6. Asta

    I would like to praise the blend for the Immune System the most! At first I thought it tasted awful, but I drank it anyway because I believed it would help me stay healthy during this season of illness. And I was right! At least I am healthy for now, even though my family is sick. I improved the taste by adding half a teaspoon of honey, so there is no unpleasant aftertaste.

  7. Laura

    I really liked the blend for Immunity. This is not the first product I have chosen from the Daily Spoon. The taste is very good, similar to a Chai Latte, good with different types of plant milk. Gives you energy and replenishes your body with healthy ingredients 🙂

  8. Eglė

    The first time I tasted it, it was ooo noooo, how unpalatable. 😀 But I gave it a chance and it became a very strong part of the routine in the evenings. I just started making lattes with a drizzle of honey. When I finished the pack, I panicked about whether I would get another one as soon as the old one was finished. I highly recommend it!

  9. Kristina

    Blend is very tasty, I drink it with coconut milk and if I want some sweetness, a little bit of honey. When it’s cold outside, I give it as a gift to my friends 🙂 I am confident about the quality of the ingredients. I am not someone who gets sick often, but as a preventive measure, I drink it during the cold season not only to avoid illnesses but also because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

  10. Gintarė

    I bought an immune booster blend after an illness, when I felt like I was about to get slightly sick again. So far, I have been taking it every day as a delicious drink and I’m happy to say that it really seems to have been taken at the right time – everything clears up quickly and any throat irritation or unclear runny nose disappear. Simply excellent!

  11. Inesa

    I was prompted to try the blends because I was experiencing hair loss and fatigue. That’s why I started with collagen and immune system-boosting blends. I have been using the blends for a few months now, and I truly feel an improvement, which makes me very happy! I have now incorporated the hormone balance blend into my routine. I only have positive feedback, and whenever the opportunity arises, I always recommend your blends to people in my circle.

  12. Rūta

    The Immunity Blend was noted as one of the tastiest drinks (I made it with plant-based milk) for my 15-year-old teenager 😍 They said it would be awesome if cafes served something similar. Let’s go ahead and spread the idea! 🌿

  13. Elena

    The taste of the mixture, far from resembling gingerbread, is very spicy. Even when mixed with a significant amount of milk, the taste of the mixture is strong and unpleasantly spicy. I didn’t feel any effect.

  14. Margarita

    I just want to say a big THANK YOU! Maybe not just for the blends (although I’m grateful for them too, especially my favorites, Immune System and Gut Bliss), but also for the knowledge you share. I had been thinking about a healthier lifestyle for a while, but as a newcomer like me, it’s extremely difficult to navigate in the modern world with so much conflicting information and uncertainty about where to even start. And it was with that first step into something better that Daily Spoon blends made me become.

  15. Monika

    I’ve tried all of their blends at least once and I was not disappointed. If used daily, they really do improve your overall health. My favorite ones are ‘for Immune System’, ‘for Gut Bliss’, ‘to Relax’. Currently I’m trying their newest blend for hormonal balance & I’ve noticed positive changes 🤍 Also, you have to try their Matcha powder – it’s sooo good.

  16. Neringa

    I have hormonal acne. I have tried everything from going to the beautician, to using contraceptives, to giving up certain foods that I thought would allergy me. I have been off contraceptives for over a year now, I eat healthily (admittedly I do eat sweets and have a glass of wine), I exercise, I drink water, but there are always isolated rashes, often deep and painful. That is why I wanted to try a natural way of reducing them from the inside.
    The skin blend is wow, I didn’t realise because there are no rashes at all, very superficial before pms. I didn’t believe that the effect could be seen so quickly.
    I can’t say much about the immune boosting formula yet. I’m drinking it with plant milk so it’s like a ginger latte for dessert.

  17. Egle

    I was very good at using the mixes when I was at home (my husband and I were ill), but now I’ve neglected them a bit, we seem to get up early, there’s no time, and it doesn’t seem to make sense to drink them in the evening, but I’m making a promise to myself to find time in the morning to make a cocktail with your mixes.
    The packaging is convenient and the description on the packaging is clear. Ordering and delivery – 100 points. Thank you. Good luck in the future.

  18. Lina

    I first bought the blend for my husband 😊 so he has been using it for longer, his gut activity has improved (he has problems with his gut in general and medically). And I still don’t have time to try it myself🙈 but I will do it today, and I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. The kids drink the blend for immunity, it’s a bit too bitter for them 🙈 but…they drink it because they need to 😊.

  19. Egle

    The blends have been very easy to incorporate into my daily routine! My friend and I have already talked about buying the immunity mix again, we can’t imagine our evenings without it anymore. I really like the collagen mix too 🙂 Now I plan to try more, and for Christmas your blends will be a great gift for loved ones too!

  20. Guoda

    Using the blends has been going great! Your instagram account, which I follow, is a great help and has a lot of really useful information to help me incorporate the blends into my diet as much as possible, in different forms 🙂
    Gut Bliss blend in the morning, then oatmeal with the Energy blend. Sometimes I also make a smoothie after the gym with plant milk, frozen banana, nut butter and Energy blend. I usually drink the blend for skin during the day just mixed with water. I’ve only used the immunity blend once so far, but I made a Turmeric Latte (recipe also from your instagram account), and will probably use it more often as the weather gets colder.
    DailySpoon has naturally become a part of my daily food routine.

  21. Greta

    Absolutely amazing ingredients and taste of gingerbread! I love this blend🤍

  22. Gita

    Fairy tale! I used to struggle with herpes, but I don’t have a record time with this blend. I am very happy and it’s very tasty to me!

  23. Simona

    I have had herpes all the time and since I started using the blend regularly, it has never risen. I am very happy!

  24. Became a ritual of every evening

    I really enjoy the taste, I drink it every night! Amazing ingredients and it is my first choice when I feel the symptoms of colds 🙂

  25. Great ingredients

    I’m very happy with the product composition because I usually try to use these ingredients in cold weather, and now everything in one package is ready. Super!

  26. Monika

    I received this blend as a Christmas present because I really wanted to try it, but I was afraid of the taste, And unnecessarily – I really like the taste! Drinking warm plant-based milk and the blend became my usual daily ritual and almost completely replaced a cup of coffee. I just finished the package and immediately ordered another :))

  27. Saulė

    The taste is strong, but I like it! I drink it in the evenings as a dessert 🙂 very nice packaging

  28. Austeja

    Favorite winter drink! I can no longer imagine my day without it!

  29. Gitana

    Super! Take care of a healthy diet and well-being at any time ❤❤

  30. Vilūnė

    Reminds me of Indian tea. I drink it with almond milk! Very tasty hot drink! Just like a real latte!

  31. Daina

    I have been buying the blend for an immune system from you a couple of times and I am really satisfied. I add it to my smoothie every morning, along with maca powder. The taste is really great, I really like the sharpness felt easily from pepper.

  32. Gintarė

    As soon as I hit your page I knew right away that I needed a blend (and especially because I am very interested in all superfoods / micronutrients) so I knew your brand is especially for me! Well now I’m still not sick all this season and I think it’s just thanks to the blend (because I’m always sick whenever the time of year changes) So thank you very much!

  33. All in one

    The ingredients of this blend is just perfect, everything you need in one, and the taste is very balanced, even with natural ingredients. We drink it with the whole family 🙂

  34. I am very happy!

    Finally a natural product for immunity! It’s nice that the taste is also great 🙂

  35. Wonderful taste

    I especially liked the taste of the blend because of the ginger and cinnamon. I’m also glad that all the ingredients are natural 🙂

  36. Great taste

    I would use this blend even without its benefits for immunity 🙂 I really like the taste and ingredients!

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(36 customer reviews)

How to use?

This blend tastes like ginger and cinnamon and we recommend drinking it with warm plant based milk, well blended together. This way you will get turmeric latte drink. Blend also goes great with porridges, yogurts and smoothies.

In stock

Are your products plant-based?
Yes, all our products are 100% plant-based.
Are your products lactose and/or gluten free?
Yes, our products are free of gluten and/or lactose ingredients and traces.
What are the storage conditions?
We recommend keeping blends tightly closed in a dark, dry, and cool place, a refrigerator is suitable for this purpose.

Can the products be used together?
Yes, you can definitely use the products together since all the ingredients are natural, and there are no concentrated doses.

It’s important to remember that there’s no strict discipline when using blends – you can create a routine that suits you. As a general rule, we recommend not exceeding 3 tablespoons of Daily Spoon products per day.

Can you use Daily Spoon while pregnant or breastfeeding?
All Daily Spoon products are natural, highly nutritious and have no concentrated ingredients, but everyone’s body is different so we always recommend consulting a doctor.

For our part, we have a number of clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding and if you decide to use it, we suggest you start with half a serving. The Balance, Collagen Boost, To Relax, For Immune system and Recovery blends have stronger superfood ingredients as well as Gut Prime and adaptogens, therefore we do not recommend using them. In this case better to choose For Gut Bliss and For Skin Glow blends.

From what age can the products be used?
Although all the ingredients are natural, and there are no concentrated doses in the blends, we recommend using the blends for younger individuals from the age of 12, starting with half a portion. However, we have customers whose younger children benefit from using the blends. In such cases, it’s important to ensure that there are no allergies or sensitivities to the ingredients in the blend.