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For Immune System

Superfoods blend rich in reishi mushroom powder and iron to boost your immune system.

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30 servings | 200 g pack

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About the blend

This blend aims to give your immune system a boost with the help of reishi mushrooms and natural sources of antioxidants and iron while having ginger and cinnamon taste.

Why you will love it

Reishi mushrooms and iron in this blend activates and strengthens our immune system. Strong antioxidants like ceylon cinnamon, turmeric and ginger reduces oxidative stress in our body. These ingredients also aim to reduce inflammation.

Minerals like iron help to reduce tiredness and calcium supports our digestive function. 

Ingredients and nutritional value

Reishi mushrooms, lucuma, ginger, ceylon cinnamon, turmeric, black peppers. 

(May contain traces of nuts and celery)

Nutritional value

How to use it?

This blend tastes like ginger and cinnamon and we recommend drinking it with warm plant based milk, well blended together. This way you will get turmeric latte drink. 

We recommend to take 2 teaspoons (6-7g) a couple times per week.

Goes great with:
For Gut Bliss

Goes great with: For Gut Bliss - nourishes gut health which is important for our skin glow.

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Bundle & save
Ultimate bundle

Bundle consist of Immune System Energy, Gut Bliss, and Skin Glow blends.

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Ratings & Reviews

Our team has created professional products from 100% plant based natural ingredients in order to help you stay healthy.

16 reviews for For Immune System

  1. Greta

    Absolutely amazing ingredients and taste of gingerbread! I love this blend🤍

  2. Gita

    Fairy tale! I used to struggle with herpes, but I don’t have a record time with this blend. I am very happy and it’s very tasty to me!

  3. Simona

    I have had herpes all the time and since I started using the blend regularly, it has never risen. I am very happy!

  4. Became a ritual of every evening

    I really enjoy the taste, I drink it every night! Amazing ingredients and it is my first choice when I feel the symptoms of colds 🙂

  5. Great ingredients

    I’m very happy with the product composition because I usually try to use these ingredients in cold weather, and now everything in one package is ready. Super!

  6. Monika

    I received this blend as a Christmas present because I really wanted to try it, but I was afraid of the taste, And unnecessarily – I really like the taste! Drinking warm plant-based milk and the blend became my usual daily ritual and almost completely replaced a cup of coffee. I just finished the package and immediately ordered another :))

  7. Saulė

    The taste is strong, but I like it! I drink it in the evenings as a dessert 🙂 very nice packaging

  8. Austeja

    Favorite winter drink! I can no longer imagine my day without it!

  9. Gitana

    Super! Take care of a healthy diet and well-being at any time ❤❤

  10. Vilūnė

    Reminds me of Indian tea. I drink it with almond milk! Very tasty hot drink! Just like a real latte!

  11. Daina

    I have been buying the blend for an immune system from you a couple of times and I am really satisfied. I add it to my smoothie every morning, along with maca powder. The taste is really great, I really like the sharpness felt easily from pepper.

  12. Gintarė

    As soon as I hit your page I knew right away that I needed a blend (and especially because I am very interested in all superfoods / micronutrients) so I knew your brand is especially for me! Well now I’m still not sick all this season and I think it’s just thanks to the blend (because I’m always sick whenever the time of year changes) So thank you very much!

  13. All in one

    The ingredients of this blend is just perfect, everything you need in one, and the taste is very balanced, even with natural ingredients. We drink it with the whole family 🙂

  14. I am very happy!

    Finally a natural product for immunity! It’s nice that the taste is also great 🙂

  15. Wonderful taste

    I especially liked the taste of the blend because of the ginger and cinnamon. I’m also glad that all the ingredients are natural 🙂

  16. Great taste

    I would use this blend even without its benefits for immunity 🙂 I really like the taste and ingredients!

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(16 customer reviews)
Easy to use
to use
Created by nutritionist
Created by nutritionist
Only natural ingredients
Only natural ingredients
100% vegan
No added sugar
No added sugar
No artificial additives
No artificial additives
Gluten & Dairy Free
Gluten & Dairy Free

What are the properties of this blend?

Rich in ingredients that activate the immune system

Reishi mushroom powder – activates our immune system, reduces inflammatory processes, helps fight bacteria and viruses.

The study found that regular use of this powder activated the production of white blood cells called lymphocytes. These cells are responsible for protecting us from viruses and bacteria. Source

It is also likely to reduce the symptoms caused by allergies, so it is beneficial for people suffering from them. Source

Source of Antioxidants

Lucuma – source of antioxidants, as it contains phenols and carotenoids, which have cell-protective, anti-inflammatory properties. Source

Ceylon cinnamon  –  great antioxidant that is needed to reduce the oxidative stress we experience daily. This stress is caused by factors such as sports, air pollution, radiation, alcohol consumption, or health problems.

Reduces inflammation

Reishi mushroom powder – it has been observed that reishi has the property of reducing inflammatory processes, especially chronic ones, which can lead to the formation of a weakened immune system or even autoimmune diseases. Source

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. Source,

Ceylon cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties. Source

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. Source

Has antibacterial and antiviral properties

Reishi mushroom powder – studies with viruses that cause herpes or influenza A have found that the active ingredients in these powder have antiviral properties. Source

Ginger – has been observed that ginger also has antiviral properties. For this reason, it is especially useful to include ginger in the diet prophylactically or when you feel the first symptoms of the flu. Source

Also, ginger has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which is especially important given that we are constantly surrounded by various pathogenic organisms and microbes. Source

Ceylon cinnamon – has antimicrobial properties.Source

Turmeric – more than one study has concluded that the active ingredient curcumin in turmeric has antibacterial properties. Our body is constantly exposed to various bacteria, so it is beneficial to regularly include products that have antibacterial properties. Source

Turmeric has been observed to have antiviral properties as well. Source

How to use?

This blend tastes like ginger and cinnamon and we recommend drinking it with warm plant based milk, well blended together. This way you will get turmeric latte drink. Blend also goes great with porridges, yogurts and smoothies.

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