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Gut prime

Blueberry taste daily ritual enriched with aloe vera, licorice, green tea & antioxidants


25 servings | 175 g

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About the product

Everything begins in our gut – from overall well-being to radiant skin and even our mood. We envisioned a product that could lay a foundation for our microbiome to flourish, using only the finest ingredients. We left out any unnecessary additives, focusing solely on what our gut needs to thrive.

This formula is designed to enrich daily diet with 2 billion live bacteria and natural ingredients. Our prebiotics, derived from larch trees, nourish your gut’s bacteria, helping them to prosper. It’s a simple and effective way to support digestive health.

Liquorice, one of nature’s gems, is known to support skin health and normal digestive function. We use DGL liquorice which mean it is deglycyrrhized for best quality and effect.

We’ve also added aloe vera, a beloved ingredient that can help soothe your gut and support the immune system.

Then we added the antioxidant green tea extract and quercetin from the flowers of Japanese soapwort.

Product contains acerola cherries, which are a natural source of vitamin C and help to support skin glow, natural production of collagen, and protect cells from oxidative damage.

Blueberries not only nourish our gut with fiber but also contribute to the fresh taste that you get just mixing the product with water.

Health claims approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Ingredients and nutritional value

L-glutamine, blueberry powder, l-glycine, acerola cherries, live Bacillus coagulans cultures 6×109 (2 billion per serving), arabinogalactan from larch tree, licorice root extract, quercetin extract from Sophora japonica flower, green tea leaf extract, aloe vera gel powder.

Nutritional value

How to use?
Simply mix one serving packet (7g) per day with a glass of water (200ml) after food.

3 courses of the product may be used in a row after which a break of one month is suggested.

What results can you expect?

We guarantee the highest quality ingredients and scientific knowledge in the development of these products. In order to be open about both the results that can be achieved with the product while our formula can certainly aid in the journey to health and well-being, it’s important to note that it’s not a cure-all solution. Instead, it’s designed to be an additional aid to help support your overall wellness. In order to achieve the best results, it is important to take into account all the factors that influence our body’s health, such as diet, sleep and stress.

Consult your doctor if you take any medications before using this product. Do not administer to younger than 18 years old children, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.

Gut Prime vs. Gut Bliss - what is the difference?

Gut Prime acts as a base for the flourishing of the microbiota. It contains active ingredients such as live bacteria and extracts that nourish the gut and at the same time the skins glow. It is recommended for 1 to 3 courses depending on your needs, followed by a 1-month break.

Gut Bliss is designed to regularly increase the nutritional comprehensiveness of the diet and to feed the good gut bacteria with fibre, prebiotics, omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients.

A perfect combination that increases the diversity of good bacteria and the nutritional value of the diet in one go.

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Gut prime will lay the foundation for the microbiota to thrive and the Gut bliss blend will feed the gut with nutrients.


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A routine filled with good bacteria, antioxidants, fibre and vitamin C will ensure your skin glows from within.


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Ratings & Reviews

66 reviews for Gut prime

  1. Neringa

    The taste is pleasant, you don’t have to force yourself to drink it. I had mild problems with constipation, it really helped to manage that. I would say even the bowel movements became more regular, like clockwork. Thank you for a great, natural solution to bowel quirks!

  2. Azata

    Effective product. I have used it several times already. Mild blueberry taste, tasty, not offending. Powder is water soluble, needs to be mixed well, definitely very convenient to use anywhere having a glass and water. I’m most happy that Gut Prime has helped me on my travels, when before it was always a big problem with digestion and things like that, when you felt that everything you ate was stuck in your body. So now there are no major problems with eating all kinds of food. The daily use of Gut Prime has really reduced the abdominal distress during the day. I am satisfied, I have tried this product and can confirm that Gut Prime works. Another positive thing I can say is that Gut Prime has helped my body a lot to recover after a course of antibiotics. I did not use any other intestinal bacteria or yoghurt capsules – this drink was enough. And I would also say that it has reduced acne. I thank Radvile and her team for creating such a good product. 💜💜💜

  3. Karolina

    As I have a sensitive stomach, I had a lot of expectations. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but the diarrhoea problems have been reduced since I started taking Gut Prime, and I’m also taking Gut Bliss, which really helps to prevent bloating. I also like the taste, I actually want to drink it every day. I will continue as the first pack is coming to an end, I want to try the recommended 2-3 packs to see if the diarrhoeal episodes are further reduced.

  4. Gabrielė

    I don’t have any major digestive problems, except that my stomach gets bloated after eating. It feels like everything in my body is working more smoothly now. As I have heard a lot of good feedback, I expected a better taste and it didn’t mix very well with water. But all in all a great product 🙂

  5. Rugilė

    This product is worthy of attention not only for its benefits to the body, but also for its taste. I like to use it to make homemade lemonade when I want something tasty but without added sugar and other ingredients that are not good for the body.

  6. Donata

    Like many Gut Prime customers, I have been complaining of bowel problems for a long time. As I have to take not only medication but also many different food supplements because of my thyroid problems, digestive problems – bloating, pain, heaviness and indigestion – have been my daily companions. I used the Gut Prime as recommended for 3 courses and I felt the positive effects before the first box was finished. The convenient packaging, the wonderful taste – it was a real pleasure to drink the formula. I’m taking a break and I’ll do it again 😊

  7. Sigita

    I have been taking it for a few weeks, together with for gut bliss, but my gut has already started to work like a clock, which is very encouraging. The method of consumption is comfortable and the taste is pleasant.

  8. Indrė

    Pleasant taste, very easy to drink. I felt a positive effect on my gut after just one week. It’s also nice that the ingredients in this mix have multiple benefits for the body 🙂

  9. Kamile

    I always have problems with bowel movements. I bought this goodie and now I don’t have such problems. I also always had little white pimples on my face, rashes. The skin problems have not gone away, but these little pimples have disappeared. I am very happy to have found something that works. Of course, + a varied diet.

  10. Akvilė

    I tried it, it seems to help my gut with digestion, but as for my skin, I haven’t noticed any changes, at least for now. As for the taste, it says it tastes of blueberries, and after trying it I can tell you have to force yourself to drink it – it tastes really bad. I have tried both the balance blend and this one both taste really bad. It’s good to hear about the benefits, but so far I wouldn’t call either product tasty.

  11. Ina

    Very good natural fresh taste 🙂 convenient packaging 🙂

  12. Dovilė

    Very convenient packaging. Can be put in a handbag. I drink it in the afternoon, mixed with water. Refreshing, tasty. I have had trouble with bowel movements. Although I have been taking it for a little over 10 days, the positive effects are definitely felt.

  13. Laura Verified owner

    I’m on my second pack of Gut prime and I’m happy to say that my stomach acidity problems are gone (kudos to aloe! 🙂 ) I was worried about the licorice taste, which I don’t really like, but I don’t feel it at all. I have tried different variations to take Gut prime, and now I drink the most delicious version for me – I add a little sea buckthorn powder to the glass with it, it’s a taste bomb! ❤️

  14. Indrė

    I don’t have digestive problems, but I take it anyway because it tastes good and I feel a certain overall lightness.

  15. Rasa

    I started to take an interest in blends because I have recently started to feel heaviness in my stomach and intestines. I have always had bowel problems. After all the holidays, I decided it was time to take care of myself. In the beginning it was difficult to change my diet and introduce new products. Now it’s easy, if I don’t drink gut bliss in the morning before a meal I drink it at another time, the same with gut prime. I can confirm that the blends work. My gut function has improved and I have regular bowel movements 🙂 I had no problems with the taste 🙂

  16. Ona

    I bought it because I was hoping it would reduce my bloating, but unfortunately I have not felt any improvement so far. I have been taking Gut Prime for 2 weeks in combination with the Gut Bliss. Peristalsis was working well before and I am eating quite healthily too. It’s a pity, because after reading the reviews I was expecting more…

  17. Aleksandra Verified owner

    This is not the first time I have bought Gut Prime and I like both the taste and the effect. This time I also picked up the new Hair blend.✨

  18. Neringa Verified owner

    I have already ordered the 4th pack. After the first pack, I noticed brighter skin and improved gut function. After a break, after a few weeks, I felt that I was getting more tired and heavy again, so I decided to return to the ritual. I recommend it!

  19. Kristina

    I’m so happy I bought gut prime 😍 I haven’t finished the first pack yet, but I already feel my digestion has improved, I’ve sorted out my toileting and I feel more energised. I’m using it together with gut bliss. They work wonders together ❤️

  20. Vijonė

    It has helped a lot with bloating, no more heaviness after meals and fewer rashes. Very good taste!😍

  21. Milda

    This is one of the most effective. I’ve tried almost all of the blends (gut bliss, skin glow, etc.) But this one is definitely the best for my skin. It didn’t completely disappear, but it definitely reduced acne.

  22. Raimonda

    Very good taste, I have no problem at all drinking this ritual. So far I have been using it for about 2 weeks, I don’t know if it’s the work of Gut Prime but my skin condition has improved a lot, less painful and deep acne. Tastiest of all the Daily Spoon products (so far) 🙂

  23. Auguste Verified owner

    First of all, the TASTE. It used to be difficult to incorporate various gut supplements into the diet simply because of their poor taste, but Gut Prime tastes amazing and I am very happy to drink it every day. After taking it for a few weeks, I first noticed that my lower belly was no longer bloated, and after eating, my lower belly was still not bloated, and after taking it for even longer, I began to notice a change not only in my face, but also in my skin. I used to be constantly bothered by the saborrheic dermatitis, and now it appears very rarely, only when I have a weakened immune system due to flu. I am extremely satisfied, thank you Daily Spoon for this perfect product!

  24. Agnė

    The most obvious improvement was in the condition of the skin, as it is not always possible to maintain a proper diet due to a busy pace. Bloating also disappeared, it seems like everything inside got sorted out 😊

  25. Ugnė

    Pleasant taste. After a week or two, I noticed how my facial skin started to improve, the breakouts significantly reduced, and overall well-being improved. A real discovery! 🙂

  26. Aleksandra

    I am very happy with this product because it contributes greatly to the treatment of my skin and overall good feeling. The obvious result can be seen in the décolletage area, where nothing else is done by the cosmetologist, but pimples and redness are significantly reduced. Thank you ♥.

  27. Ineta

    Perfect product!!!!! I had a similar skin condition (hormonal acne) before using Gut Prime, neither skincare nor diet helped… After 2 months of using Gut Prime every day, my skin looks PERFECT! It’s the best thing I’ve ever discovered!

  28. Inesa

    When using ‘Gut prime,’ I feel a sense of ease, and the situation with hormonal acne has improved. Only scars remain. I didn’t use any additional means specifically for treating hormonal acne, just regular facial skincare products. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to updates. Also, your space is very cozy, like home. I felt at home!

  29. Giedrė

    The benefits for digestion are really noticeable!

  30. Evelina

    The taste is good, my desire for sweets has decreased. It really helped with bloating – gut Prime and gut Blis together. I highly recommend it. I plan to order again👍

  31. Agnė

    I want to share my experience using Gut Prime. I’m already halfway through the second month. Probably the most significant changes are that I no longer have afternoon headaches, and my abdominal bloating has greatly reduced (almost gone). Also, with a little willpower, I’ve reduced my craving for sweets, and my bowel movements are smoother. It’s truly a tasty product, beneficial, and I’m very pleased with the results. I understand that it cannot be used for a long time; I will switch to Gut Bliss later. Thank you very much 🙂

  32. Beatričė Verified owner

    Mėgstamiausias DS produktas. Neliko pilvo pūtimo, aknė stipriai aprimo, oda švytėjo. Jaučiausi lengvvesnė, energingesnė. Lenga pasiimti on the go dienomis, kai tiesiog neturi laiko prisėsti, skonis kaip limonado. Tikrai vienas iš must have’ų

  33. Monika

    I’ll just say this… I was skeptical about all of this. I’ve known about Daily Spoon’s steps from the very beginning, and I was always dismissive of it. Even though I bought it 😅, I would slowly buy it 2-3 times a year for gut health and better skin… The results were hard to come by because I didn’t stick to the plan and didn’t pay attention to what I was eating. This time, I tried Gut Prime… Amazing!!! The signs and changes in my face appeared after a good week… I look at myself and rejoice in how my skin is glowing. And this positive result made me take food more seriously. Thank you! Maybe I’ll need a second and even a third course… 💚💚💚💚 And this is not marketing, people. The essential thing here is not for weight loss or fat melting like others claim with products similar to these. It’s about improving your body and immunity for your well-being.

  34. Giedrė

    One of the tastiest DailySpoon products I’ve ever tried! Furthermore, the division of the mixture into individual packages has been very convenient for me because there have been many times when I couldn’t drink it at home, so I would put a sachet in my sports bag and have it later. It’s reassuring to know that by using such products, I nourish my gut with essential nutrients, allowing it to function properly, while also giving me a sense of lightness and freedom when there’s no heaviness in my stomach. Thank you for creating products that are as natural and beneficial as possible; I truly appreciate it ❤️.

  35. Rūta

    Delicious and easy to use. The gut also really likes it 🙂 I’m alternating with Gut bliss. I will definitely continue!

  36. Linda Verified owner

    This product is very easy to use. I really like that there is one packet that just needs to be mixed with water. Other mixes are more difficult for me to incorporate into my daily routine.
    Also, the taste is good and I feel much better and lighter, my stomach is no longer bloated and I am not so tired

  37. Ineta

    First of all, I would like to thank you for the fantastic product (Gut Prime). I’ve been using it for more than 2 weeks now, and I can say that I simply fell in love with it! Since I have IBS, a sensitive stomach, and a surgically removed gallbladder, I quickly noticed positive changes: no bloating and cramps, no unpleasant feeling in my gut, and a sense of lightness. I’ve finally found a product that deserves attention because it’s incredibly beneficial. I believe that I will see even more results after longer use, but I really like what I see and feel today! Gut Prime prompted me to try it based on the reviews of other people I saw on social media and your online store. I won’t hide that I hesitated for a long time, but I allowed myself to try it, and I immediately bought 2 packages. The usage is so simple that it has become an essential part of my daily routine. Since the taste of the mixture is perfect and refreshing, I can’t wait for the next day to use it again.

  38. Evelina

    I am very happy to have found this product! Bloating has disappeared, the feeling of heaviness has improved, and digestion has improved. It’s very convenient that everything is divided into portions, especially when traveling. Excellent taste. I’ve completed one course and will continue to use it. Thank you.

  39. Gabrielė

    I’ve used one package, and now I’ve ordered a second one:) I especially felt the goodness during the trip. Because when I’m in a different environment, the food changes, and my stomach can get upset. When I used gut prime during the trip, it was really great:)) I also noticed that when I finished the package, my acne broke out again, but while using it, my face was much clearer:)

  40. Inga

    I notice positive changes while using this product, even though it hasn’t been a month yet, and that is heartening. Thank you.

  41. Miglė

    The best! I’ve been using it for only a couple of weeks sincerely, but I already feel a significant improvement, even on days when my diet isn’t the best 😊 I have IBS, and it’s hard to describe the feeling after starting to use Gut Prime, but my intestines just feel “stronger.” Thank you!

  42. Gabija

    Hello, I can’t help but write and praise. I’ve used 2 courses of Gut Prime, and I am amazed by the results. I went through a period of increased stress, poor diet, and not always moderate alcohol consumption, but my stomach was able to withstand everything thanks to Gut Prime alone (I’ve always had a very sensitive stomach, all the stress accumulates there). And about the skin, I really have no words! No skincare or makeup products provide such an effect, the skin is glowing all the time.

  43. Jurga

    I truly feel as if I am “lighter” after using GutPrime for a month. Especially, how convenient it is when divided into portions. All the mixes are great, both protein after sports, and gut bliss and macha. I highly appreciate it!

  44. Rugilė

    I received my first blend as a gift from a friend (for skin glow). Although I didn’t have major issues with my skin, even my beautician noticed an improved skin condition. Since then, I keep returning to try something new. The mixture greatly helps to alleviate menstrual pains. And my favorites are Gut Bliss and Gut Prime! Even a clean diet and any medications don’t help to avoid stomach pain and bloating, but these mixtures are some kind of magic! I completed a two-month Gut Prime course and I’m already looking forward to being able to repeat it. The portion packets are an incredibly good idea – very convenient to use, especially when not at home. My dream blend… I think it’s already created – those mentioned before, Gut Prime and Gut Bliss. Thank you for what you create and for not stopping to improve and amaze!

  45. Greta

    After completing the entire course, I can say that this mix truly does everything that is described in its description. The number of blemishes on my skin significantly reduced, digestion normalized, and bloating decreased. Once again, I am convinced that Daily Spoon delivers on its promises! 🫶🏼

  46. Kristina

    I am very happy that your products really provide benefits. This product is very delicious and, not only that, I feel how my bloating and heaviness are improving… even though my diet is not well-organized…

  47. Ieva

    I really like it! So tasty! And it’s very convenient to take on trips with you, and you can really feel that digestion has improved <3

  48. Šarūnė

    First of all, the feeling of bloating subsided every time after I ate. I don’t feel ‘overly full,’ even after eating salads. Since I naturally have a sensitive stomach, Gut Prime seems to have sorted everything out. I am also lactose intolerant, especially when it comes to milk and cottage cheese. But sometimes there might be hidden lactose in sauces and such. That’s why I might forget to take lactose intolerance pills because the symptoms aren’t that severe. It seems like Gut Prime even alleviated them. Overall, it helped me feel better every day!

  49. Paulina

    I am currently on a short trip in Europe, and I am sooo happy that I brought this mix with me!! The packaging is just perfect for traveling, it’s easy to prepare, just mix it in a water bottle, and to be honest, if not for it, I don’t know what I would do because my stomach is quite sensitive, and I haven’t found a balanced diet during my travels. Thank you!!

  50. Izabelė

    I have already ordered the second package of Gut prime – it’s amazing! It’s convenient to use because of the packaging so it helps the most. as it’s so easy to use. I sometimes forget to use other mixes, but with Gut prime, no problems at all, every morning on an empty stomach. And the feeling in my stomach it became lighter. Thank you for being there!

  51. Gabrielė

    Hello! On behalf of all my family, we say thank you! We use this perfect drink as a whole family. At first, it was just me and mom, but when my dad saw and heard how much we enjoyed it, he also tried it! He’s also delighted, Dailyspoon, your ritual is wonderful. The taste is excellent! The feeling is also great 😘 THANK YOU!!!

  52. Diana

    I purchased Gut Prime to see if it truly improves gut function, and it indeed makes a difference. I find myself going to the bathroom more frequently now. Previously, I would have bowel movements 3-4 times a month, but now it’s every 3-4 days. That’s why I’m definitely planning to continue using it.

  53. Violeta

    The product definitely didn’t disappoint, just like all the other DS blends. The taste is truly pleasant. Most importantly, I felt good after eating it. Gut bliss was indeed achieved; no bloating and a sense of lightness. Thank you for your creativity!

  54. Lina

    Gut Prime is unequivocally a fantastic product! I have a sensitive stomach and intestines, and even though I eat fairly healthily, I often experience bloating, discomfort, and indigestion after meals. When taking Gut Prime, all of these sensations have significantly decreased. It’s even strange that I can eat and simply feel normal without any pain. My stomach no longer bloats in general. I take Gut Prime right after lunch, and I’ve noticed that I no longer crave coffee and a sweet treat, which I used to strongly desire after lunch and had to resist. I’m very pleased with this! The taste is great, and it’s very easy to drink by simply mixing it with water. I never forget to take it 🙂

  55. Raminta

    Currently, I am using Gut Bliss and Gut Prime. When I started using Gut Bliss, I noticed that I complained less about painful bloating and heaviness in my stomach. Then Gut Prime came along, and I immediately ordered it. It happened to coincide with a few days before I went on vacation, so I packed a few packets of Gut Prime for convenience. I used it every couple of days, and I can say that these vacations were exceptionally pleasant for my stomach. During trips, I enjoy indulging in foods that I don’t typically eat, and sometimes it’s hard to avoid overeating or indulging in sweets. During previous vacations, I would often complain about stomach pains, bloating, and slowed digestion almost constantly, and I would feel uncomfortable. However, during these vacations, it was practically non-existent. Towards the end of the vacation, I realized that Daily Spoon played a significant role in making my vacations more enjoyable. Thank you so much for allowing me to enjoy food without constant regret and self-blame for trying this or that. You are amazing! Wishing you success.

  56. Kristina

    I want to repeat it 😍

  57. Gabrielė

    I really liked the taste and the composition! I’ve only been using it for the second week, but I feel like the bloating is no longer there. 🙂

  58. Indrė

    After starting to use this product, the following observations were noticed: the condition of the skin improved, there is a lighter feeling in the stomach, and I don’t feel heavy. Digestion is faster. The taste is very pleasant. Thank you for your products and engaging/informative/cozy communication.

  59. Agnė

    This product is amazing! Every morning when I wake up, I can’t wait to drink it, and when I finish it, I feel sad that I’ve already consumed my daily portion. It tastes like the berry drink my grandma used to make in the summers of my childhood! And it’s also great that it dissolves completely, with no residue. Thank you!

  60. Roberta

    I completed a course of Gut Prime, and I can confidently say that I noticed the most impact on my skin. The acne scars that remained from before were slightly faded by facial products, but makeup still concealed them the best. Now I see how those blemish marks have significantly lightened and are barely visible – I never expected such an effect 🙂 Additionally, I feel a reduction in heaviness in my stomach – previously, even after eating a smaller portion, I would feel my body pulling me towards the bed, but now I feel much better.

    And another thing – I got so used to the taste that I drink it like a lemonade every day, so I had to share it with others at home 😀

  61. Gabija

    The taste – wow, I drink it like lemonade. If it wasn’t portioned, I would probably drink it several times a day just for the taste alone 😀 Speaking of the effect, I noticed a significantly improved condition of my skin, especially during PMS, which used to cause discomfort. So, the improved situation brings me a lot of joy!

  62. Gitana

    Not only does it have excellent ingredients, but it also boasts a delightful flavor!!! I use it in conjunction with the Gut Bliss blend, and the results are highly effective, making it a part of my daily routine. I experience a sense of lightness, without any bloating or discomfort after meals. Thank you for crafting such a wonderful product ❤️

  63. Vita

    It’s amazing how great these products are, and I’ve tried quite a few of them. I no longer have the desire to eat any junk food, and even after eating, I don’t get as many breakouts as before. My facial skin has become elastic, radiant, and I’ve never had such a feeling of lightness. The “black hole” in my stomach has disappeared. I used to eat a lot, but my weight was always low. Now, I feel much healthier, eat less, but my weight remains stable, which is perfect for me.

  64. Karolina

    Today I tried it, and the taste reminded me of the “compote” my parents used to make from fruit preserves. It’s such a nostalgic memory of summer 😅 It’s incredibly delicious, and I wanted to keep drinking more and more of it, but I restrained myself and only had a glass. I’ll have to make another batch tomorrow to have more 🥰 It’s incredibly, incredibly tasty ❤ Love at first sip 😍

  65. Alina

    Superb product! It helped me deal with painful bloating that had been bothering me for several years. And the taste really surprised me 🙂

  66. Danielė

    Very good product

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Based on science, not promises

Gut prime ritualas mikrobiotai


Looking at gut health supplements’ sector, I’ve wanted to create a more diverse formula that includes the best that nature has to offer along with live bacteria and essential amino acids.

So, we’ve teamed up with Indrė A., PhD in biochemistry and certified food pharmacology specialist, to create a formula that lays a strong foundation for microbiome flourishment. And no additives, only the good stuff.

– Daily Spoon co-founder, Radvilė

Out of stock

Tastes like blueberry and green tea

Taking care of your gut health shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why we’ve made our ritual both convenient and refreshing – just mix the product with water and enjoy! Plus, our single-serve packets make it easy to take it with you wherever you go.

Out of stock

Are your products plant-based?
Yes, all our products are 100% plant-based.
Are your products lactose and/or gluten free?
Yes, our products are free of gluten and/or lactose ingredients and traces.
What are the storage conditions?
We recommend keeping blends tightly closed in a dark, dry, and cool place, a refrigerator is suitable for this purpose.

Can the products be used together?
Gut Prime pairs perfectly with all Daily Spoon products, and they can be used together. It will provide the foundation for a healthy gut, while the blends will continue to regularly nurture the body’s functions and enhance nutrient diversity in your diet.
Can you use Daily Spoon while pregnant or breastfeeding?
All Daily Spoon products are natural, highly nutritious and have no concentrated ingredients, but everyone’s body is different so we always recommend consulting a doctor.

For our part, we have a number of clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding and if you decide to use it, we suggest you start with half a serving. The Balance, Collagen Boost, To Relax, For Immune system and Recovery blends have stronger superfood ingredients as well as Gut Prime and adaptogens, therefore we do not recommend using them. In this case better to choose For Gut Bliss and For Skin Glow blends.

From what age can the products be used?
Since Gut Prime is a dietary supplement, we recommend using it from the age of 18 or consulting with your doctor.