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For Balance

Created by women for women. This superfood formula nourishes hormonal balance and your well-being throughout the whole cycle.

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30 servings | 200 g pack

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About the blend
Hormones affect our sleep quality, mood swings, weight, and skin health. Maintaining their balance is essential for a good quality of life. This mint-flavoured superfood blend will help you to get the nutrients from natural ingredients known for their positive benefits on our hormones, mood, and PMS symptoms.
Why you will love it

Flaxseeds are a source of omega-3 fatty acids and lingans, which are known for helping to balance hormones and alleviate PMS symptoms.

Broccoli is classified as a cruciferous vegetable and this type of plant naturally has a higher content of glucaric acid, which can help with hormone balance and reducing excess estrogen.

For milder mood swings, the blend contains maca and ashwagandha root, which are known for helping to balance hormones and boost mood and energy levels.

B vitamins are particularly important during menstruation as they help to break down estrogen and keep it in balance, so we’ve included yeast flakes in the mix which are rich in these vitamins.

Jerusalem artichokes are a source of prebiotics, which feed the good bacteria in our gut, and the gut is the basis for our well-being.

What results can I expect? 

With this product, we can guarantee the highest quality ingredients based on the knowledge of a naturopathic nutritionist. In order to achieve the best results, it is important to take into account all the factors that influence our body’s health, such as diet, external care and stress.

As the topic of hormone balance is close to our founder Radvile’s heart, together with I. Miceikaitė, a PhD student in medical genetics, she has created a Hormonal Balance Guide, which will be included as a gift with this blend and will show you which habits and recipes can contribute to hormonal balance.

Ingredients and nutritional value
Ingredients: ground flaxseed, broccoli, maca root (Lepidium meyenii), Jerusalem artichoke, ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera), peppermint, yeast flakes.

(Packed in an environment where traces of nuts and celery are possible.)

Nutritional value

How to use?
The blend has a minty flavour, but may have a slight broccoli aftertaste, so it’s easy to incorporate it into your daily diet. Season and enrich fruit smoothies, yoghurt, porridge or simply drink it mixed with water. 

It is recommended to take 2 teaspoons (7 g) per day. Usage methods should not exceed 60°C temperature.

Store it sealed in a dry, dark and cool place.

Pair with good bacteria Gut prime

A blueberry flavour ritual with an active formula to help nourish your skin and gut.

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Ratings & Reviews

84 reviews for For Balance

  1. Greta Verified owner

    This is an amazing product, especially for PCOS girls! It has all the main ingredients you need.

  2. Agnė Verified owner

    This is one of my three favourite daily spoon blends, with gut prime and gut bliss standing proudly among them, perhaps that’s the power of all three? I have used it on and off, so I can finally write a proper review. I find that my cycle, my skin condition and my anxiety have improved dramatically. With regular use, I am no longer plagued by abdominal pain and, so far, no longer have a particularly painful rash, and I am 38 and the scars on my skin are not healing so quickly, so this slow skin renewal is no longer a problem. So I’m crossing my fingers for these products and stocking up 🙂

  3. Miglė

    Great product! I use it together with Gut Prime. Acne and constant rashes are a problem in my life. However, since the first day of using the blends, my skin has only gotten better. At the moment there are only some scars which are slowly healing, but no new rashes. I will definitely order again!

  4. Rugilė

    This blend is an absolute favourite, I tried it as soon as it came out and I keep coming back to it because of its obvious effects. Since starting this formula, I have felt more balanced on all days of the month, with fewer sugar cravings, fewer rashes, fewer headaches and fewer spikes in energy.

  5. Irma

    Super, the effects are felt as soon as you start taking it. I am happy to have discovered this product.

  6. Asta

    THE BEST!!!!!! I felt the change immediately, but I thought it was a self-image. I have now used two packs – I can’t imagine my day without this blend, the best I’ve ever had and it’s especially amazing that it covers such a wide range of “problems” 🙂

  7. Simona

    The blend for balance helped me to balance my mood swings, as I used to feel that my period was not far behind me when I wanted to cry about anything or I would get upset quickly. It’s a big lifesaver 🤍

  8. Indrė

    I was introduced to your product when I received it as a Christmas present. It was a blend for Balance 🙂 so I have successfully used it every morning with my yogurt or porridge.

  9. Greta

    An amazing product that helped me get my periods back after an eating disorder! I have been taking this product for a year, every day in the morning after food, and now I am only taking it a week before and during my period, and I can’t be happier with the results! I highly recommend it!

  10. Gitana

    I use a blend for Balance. A month has passed. I can see the positive result.
    After the beginning of the menopause, hot flashes, high levels of hunger and poor sleep are very distressing.
    Now everything is for the better. Hot flashes are rare, the quality of sleep has improved.
    I bought it as a gift for the women in my family who have problems with their hormones.

  11. Kamilė

    The For Balance blend was my first product (and step) after years of contraceptive withdrawal (I’ve been struggling with (PCOS) since my teens). I actually only used one package, but I think this formula was a perfect companion to the other supplements/vitamins I was starting to use at the time. Probably consuming one packet is not a very good basis for drawing conclusions (maybe I should have taken more time 🤔), BUT I think that the blend really helped me to cope with the mood swings that came after stopping the contraceptives.

  12. Eglė

    I was very surprised by the effect (I wasn’t expecting anything at all), period pains were almost non-existent, and they became very minimal. Only pluses and applause for the team!

  13. Toma

    I’ve been using it for several packages now, and the results are clear. PMS symptoms have significantly decreased. I used to have really strong unpleasant sensations: headaches, mood swings, lack of energy, and overall fatigue. The blend really effectively reduces all of these symptoms. Additionally, by following the advice of a hormone balance guide, you can further reduce all the discomfort to barely noticeable minimum.

  14. Evelina

    After I started exercising regularly and changed my diet, my menstrual cycle became very irregular. This was unusual for me because no matter how much I weighed, my cycle was always regular. I began to drink this blend every day and honestly, I think that it helped me get back on track with a regular cycle. Thank you.

  15. Inesa

    I would like to thank you for the product, even though it has been a short time since its purchase. I experienced PMS easily, without pain, and it was quite short.

  16. Sandra

    In recent years, I have felt excessively sad/depressed. I know it’s not good that I didn’t seek medical help, but after various considerations and searching for information, I decided that hormones were to blame. That’s when I decided to try this blend. Plus, the first day of my period is always painful, and other PMS symptoms always annoy me. I thought I would need to take the blend for at least a few months to feel the effects. However, after just a week, I can already feel that my mood is better, fewer gloomy thoughts, and my body feels great, even though I haven’t changed anything in my diet (even though I should), or my life. I definitely feel the impact, and I believe it’s because of the Balance blend. I found that it’s tastiest to mix it into plain yogurt or cottage cheese. I haven’t reached my period yet, but I’m curious to see if it will be easier.

  17. Kotryna

    This blend is worth a million 🙂 Highest recommendations for everyone, especially those who experience painful menstrual periods. For many years, I endured severe pain during my menstrual cycles, and I tried numerous supplements, but nothing helped. So, I didn’t have much hope, even after reading all these positive reviews. Now I can confirm that DailySpoon’s hormonal balance blend REALLY works! I used the blend for about two weeks, and when my period arrived, the amount of medication I had to take was CUT IN HALF. This is absolutely unbelievable to me, and I have no doubt that using the “Balance” blend for a longer period will further reduce the pain. I am extremely grateful to DailySpoon for improving my quality of life.

  18. Indrė

    I’ve wanted to drink this blend for a long time, but I just couldn’t get around to buying it. Once I bought it, I was not disappointed with the taste at all, as I was expecting something similar. And, in fact, I find the For balance blend very tasty. Every day I am happy to enjoy not only the great, fresh taste, but also the thought that I am getting superfoods into my body, replenishing my body with the nutrients it needs. I have PCOS (not severe), so I had to do some research on what nutrients are needed to alleviate this syndrome. I’m still learning to make friends with myself, so I hope that Daily Spoon will be a great friend on this journey and beyond ♥️

  19. Kristina

    I really like this mixture. I like its taste. It’s too early to talk about the benefits, but it seems that it’s becoming a habit, and I want to try more Daily Spoon products. One thing I noticed is that acne has decreased. I also take the Gutt Bliss mixture for my digestive system.

  20. Monika

    Thank God I ordered it… It was my first PMS when I only took 1 tablet throughout the whole cycle. And there was no need for pain relievers anymore… But still, all the tests are good. The pain is described as normal. I started taking it for the entire cycle. The first impressions are quite good 💚

  21. Miglė

    I started using your “Balance” blend, and it’s a discovery that will stay in my routine. I have IBS, so I often felt discomfort in the lower abdomen, sometimes even taking painkillers. But with “Balance” all of that disappeared, and I no longer need pain medication. I am very happy with the improved quality of life, and thank you for what you do <3.

  22. Dema

    Gut Bliss, together with For Balance, has helped me for the second month in a row to stop taking pain medication during my menstrual period. Before, during the first few days, I used to feel like a wreck without the medication. But now, nothing! Even my PMS is manageable, and during the first month, I thought, “What’s going on? This can’t be real!” It seemed like a coincidence at first. However, when the second month came, I gained confidence, and the effects were consistent! Now, I’m using Gut Prime because after a course of strong antibiotics, I need to restore my body, and I hope to recover and regain my strength quickly.

  23. Rasa

    I started using the “for balance” mixture a week before my period, and I can’t believe it, but there was no pain. Normally, I used to have stomach pain for the first three days. I drink the mixture mixed with water in the morning before eating. I like its taste. Thank you!

  24. Kristina

    I’m very satisfied with the blends, and I have already recommended them to all my friends, especially Balance. It has regulated my menstrual cycle, reduced the intensity of PMS symptoms, and I hardly experience any pain. My gut is also very happy with it—no more bloating, and I feel lighter overall.

  25. Eglė

    I do sports, my diet is balanced and nutritious. I drank the mixture moderately throughout the whole month, but I didn’t notice any significant changes. I thought I would try not taking pain medication before my period, as I read reviews from other girls saying that their pain disappears or decreases, so I had high hopes too. However, the pain and symptoms didn’t decrease at all. I sincerely hoped that this mixture would work for me or at least act as a placebo, as sometimes even medications don’t help. Maybe I should drink it for a longer period 🤷🏻‍♀️.

  26. Greta

    I had been experiencing hormonal imbalance for some time, which manifested in certain symptoms, so I decided to try your blend. I was truly amazed at how quickly I felt positive changes. It’s wonderful that you create such valuable products!

  27. Gabrielė

    I have been using your For Balance blend for a long time, and immediately after starting it, I felt relieved from PMS symptoms, and the pain during menstruation significantly decreased. After trying it myself, I recommended it to my loved ones who had similar issues, and it didn’t disappoint them either. I have also struggled with hair loss for a long time and have tried many supplements and products, but the For Collagen Boost blend is the only one that has proven effective in reducing hair loss, and its taste is amazing! I also enjoy drinking matcha, which not only tastes delicious but also boosts my energy. Recently, I started using the For Skin Glow blend. Although the taste is not my favorite, it blends perfectly with For Collagen Boost. I can’t share external results yet, but I feel radiant from within. Wishing you success in creating more wonderful products! ❤️

  28. Simona

    A few days ago, I purchased the For Balance blend, and I have high hopes that my body will benefit from it just as beautifully as it did with For Skin Glow.

  29. Audronė

    During the end of winter, I faced a hormonal imbalance and a deficiency in one of the female hormones, which resulted in the absence of my menstrual cycle for 4 months. Of course, I took hormonal medication, but in the last month, I also started using your hormone balance blend. After two courses of hormonal pills with no effect, it was only after finishing the balance blend that my period returned! I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but I truly believe that it played a role! These days are now so much easier… I can’t quite believe it, but you’ve saved me! THANK YOU!!!

  30. Vaiva

    I developed acne due to high levels of stress, and it was really distressing for me. However, I made changes to my diet and incorporated Hormonal Balance, Skin Glow, and Gut Bliss into my routine. I tried different ways of using them, but the morning smoothie worked best for me. I know that the results are cumulative, but the pain from endometriosis has subsided, and I don’t feel as nervous during PMS. The inflammation on my face has also calmed down. I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to you. Thank you so much!

  31. Julija

    Exactly a month ago, I bought and started using it. I wasn’t a very regular user, so I didn’t really expect any results, but they’re here 🙂 Normally, I would definitely feel PMS, but now NOTHING, I even forgot that it was time for my period because there were no signals, only a minimal energy change and a slight mood change. Unreal product, I can’t be happier ❤️

  32. Julija

    I am immensely grateful to the entire Daily Spoon team! At the beginning of this year, I promised myself to find time for myself. I started using For Balance. It was January. Now it’s June. For the first time during my period, I no longer need to take pain medication. It’s just wow! I can’t put it into words! When I used to spend a week in bed… Now I can do anything! And that’s just one of the benefits! Gradually, exercise and healthier eating became a part of my life. My skin has improved, my mood has lifted. I am becoming a normal person again, OMG! Keep up the great work, team! I sincerely hope that other sisters in fate will find you and their lives will change. Thank you!

  33. Monika

    Initially, I was quite skeptical about your products, but I received the Hormone Balance packet and thought I would give it a try. Wow! This month, I didn’t experience any PMS symptoms at all. Usually, the first two days are tough, but this time everything went so smoothly—no pain at all. I can exercise and live my life without any disruptions.

  34. Agnė

    For the first time, I had absolutely no menstrual pain. I thought it might just be a coincidence. But then, the second month came, and the third month… This cannot be a coincidence. Now, not only do I forget to take pain medication for three days a month, but I also use a hot water bottle to warm my feet instead of trying to forget about the existence of my abdomen. It’s an indescribably good experience, and the biggest THANK YOU for bringing back pain-free days into my life as a woman!

  35. Sandra

    Irreplaceable, even though it took me a while to get used to the taste, once I saw the benefits, I started drinking it simply with water.

  36. Gintarė

    I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence, but most likely not. After taking the hormone blend, my PMS symptoms were definitely lighter, almost unnoticeable, which amazed me at how effective it was.

  37. Jekaterina

    I ordered the blend for hormonal balance because, according to the description, it is currently what I need the most. The reviews are also excellent 🙂 My skin condition is consistently good, and since I started taking the blend, my menstrual cycles have been calmer, with a predictable beginning and end, like clockwork 😀

  38. Eglė

    I have been regularly drinking this blend for over a month now, and I am incredibly satisfied and happy that the day has come when I can live a normal life during the first days of my period and manage without strong prescription painkillers. Thank you for what you do ❤️

  39. Julija

    The second cycle with Balance. Where was I before? 🙈 I only needed pain medication for two days. I no longer waste time in bed. I even managed to go for a walk!

  40. Gita

    I used to have painful periods, but recently, I started experiencing throbbing headaches before menstruation, and medication no longer helped. I turned to Balance because the next step would probably be contraceptives. I used it diligently for a month, and this cycle was different – I only felt mild PMS symptoms, I was productive on the first day of my period, and I can’t express how happy I am to feel normal and be able to live during those days!

  41. Dovilė

    It’s a wonderful discovery that I strive to use every day (it feels better than taking vitamins). I’m especially delighted with the Balance blend; my well-being improves significantly, and the guide helps me take better care of my nutrition, especially since I have endometriosis. 🥺 Thank you for spreading awareness, as it’s incredibly important!

    Yes, I think that aspect has also improved.

  42. Greta

    Today marks the first menstrual period after using the blend. It’s amaizing – the pain is half as much, and my face didn’t break out.

  43. Dovilė

    I have been having it every day since November: a mix of wild blueberries, banana, Gut Bliss, Glow Skin, and Balance – all together! It’s delicious, healthy, and my body is thankful! Digestive issues have disappeared, menstrual pain has reduced, and my skin looks clearer. Only one hormonal breakout occurs during my period, but no more acne issues! A huge THANK YOU for existing, I can’t imagine how I would live without Gut Bliss anymore!!!

  44. Beata

    It’s an unreal solution when in a hurry during the day and don’t have time to sit down and eat, but this is an incredibly easy and quick alternative to nourish the body! Both my face and overall well-being are thankful for this goodness! And as for the taste of matcha, I can’t even describe it. I’m truly a fan and have tried many varieties, but there’s something special about yours… it’s just something else!

  45. Ema

    I start my mornings with Balance blend, almond milk, banana, and a little bit of yogurt. I have been dealing with endometriosis for many years, and all my friends and family could tell when I had PMS 😅 Now, it’s easier to be calmer and feel better. Thank you!

  46. Greta

    The blends for gut health and balance are my favorites! It seems like my body simply knows that it needs them ❤️

  47. Monika

    I decided to try a blend for Balance because my PMS symptoms worsened. The recommendation was to see if anything would change by using the blend for 3 months. I can definitely say that there are a few things that have improved slightly. For example, bloating is a much rarer occurrence, even outside of PMS. I also noticed a reduction in abdominal pain during menstruation (I only needed one painkiller tablet, although the plan is to completely avoid them). And what about mood swings? Yes, I think that aspect has also improved.

  48. Viktorija

    I have been using your blends for a while now – I think it will be a year in Spring. I believe that during that time, not only my attitude towards nutrition has changed but also my attitude towards myself. It seems that after having a cocktail in the morning, a different girl looks back at me from the mirror. Maybe it’s just the thought that instead of having a greasy breakfast, I had a cocktail? I don’t know. But what I do know is that Daily Spoon and the message you send have not only changed my diet but also my love for myself. The blend for hormones of frozen banana and almond milk has become a dessert for me. It’s incredibly delicious.
    Thank you!

  49. Monika

    I had been wanting to try your blends for some time, and I have been following Daily Spoon’s activities since the first blend. Finally, I couldn’t resist when September came, and I started working, having a poor diet, and not satisfying my desire to feel productive and energized. I also ordered a mix for balance because I have issues with my menstrual cycle, it’s irregular, and the reviews about this mix encouraged me to purchase it.
    It’s going great, and currently, I made a promise to myself that I will allow myself to order/try one mix per month.
    Thank you for being there!

  50. Gabriele

    I had major problems with my period: irregular, severe pain, mood swings. This time of the month was the most passive and the most painful, because I couldn’t do anything, and I didn’t want to because of mood swings. Blend for hormones is the best thing that solved all the problems I mentioned! And the taste is unreal, I like to drink it in the morning with water and lemon, but I also often make smoothies with it. Thank you for being and creating these miracles. I wish you the best of luck in the future.

  51. Asta

    I order this blend after seeing it in Amelija’s instagram and i was sceptic but it exeeded my expectations. After codid my menstrual cycle was how to describe it…. strange. I had 3-4th day super heavy flow and couldnt even leave the house afraid to be sick, my head was spinning. After only two weeks using this product i get my period and what a suprise! I come and it go normally like before, i even had easier pms and also lets dont forget my daily situation, i feel so much happier and energetic. Next on my list will be collagen. It really became my daily spoon ritual.

  52. Gintare

    Painful periods! My relationship with periods for over 10 years is complicated, I have been on birth control for the past few years but decided to re-look at the issue and after I got off birth control, I ordered a blend for hormonal balance. I started using it 2 days before my period, so I didn’t expect a big effect, but 1 strong pain pill was enough for the entire time I had my period (before, I couldn’t get by without prescribed medicine). Until the next period, I was not a very exemplary user of the blend, I often forgot to use it. After some time, I got my second period, during which 1 pill of the weaker medicine was enough! I can’t tell you how much this change means to me… I’m picky about taste, so it’s not like I adore the hormone balance blends taste, but with such results, the most important thing is that my health is a hundred times better! I was skeptical about this whole blend thing, but now I’m willing to try the others! Girls, if you have a problem like me and the doctors offer you the only solution – birth control, I sincerely recommend you to try the blend for hormones. Good luck, love yourself ❤️

  53. Eva

    I have already opened the third blend for balance. The taste is great! The effect is even better. Before using the Balance blend, I had irregular periods (it went out of balance maybe 2-3 years ago), after I started using the blend, periods became regular. It’s already the 3rd cycle, which lasts 29-30 days – that long was my normal cycle before all the changes. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but I’m really happy with this blend 🙂 Thank you!

  54. Emile

    I started with blends for energy and for balance. It left a very good impression! The blend for energy gently tones, I feel more energetic, fresher. When I think of coffee – I remember the energy blend! Worth it! Before my baby was born, I had very painful periods. Every month I spent a week in bed, I often felt like I was going to faint and had low blood pressure. Now, when the cycle is already normalizing after all the physical changes, I use the blend more boldly. I have already managed to forget all the previous discomfort and ibuprofen. I recently tried a blend for collagen boost. It’s no secret that nursing mothers often face weakened hair and nails. I used up almost all the blend, the hair is still shedding, but a little less. Another thing that I noticed when using this blend is that it feels really good that there are fibers, the body cleans itself regularly, I feel lighter, it also adds energy. I’m already waiting for the refill! Thank you!🌿

  55. Laurita

    I am still a beginner in using blends, but the blend for hormonal balance, after using it for the first month, left a very good impression, the cycle is calmer. By the way, we are struggling with our son’s acne, so I also ordered a blend for skin glow 🙂 Have a nice day 🙂

  56. Ausra

    For a long time I was looking for natural ways to replenish the body with nutrients and I am very happy to have found these blends 🙂 A natural way to restore hormonal balance prompted me to try it. I finally found peace in the world of female hormones 🙂 Really liked the flavors of all the mixes and the variety of uses. I’m beyond grateful:)

  57. Indre

    I bought a blend for hormonal balance, since my periods are irregular, PMS usually hits hard. Chest pain, mood swings, menstruation itself was long and painful. After the first month of using the blend, PMS symptoms were less severe, the chest pain was not that intense anymore. On the very first day of my period, I took one painkiller pill and I didn’t need to take any more! My period only lasted 5 days, where it used to last 7-8. I had to get used to the blends taste. At first I used it with smoothies, now I use it with juice, because it’s faster and tastier this way 😀 It’s a shame that there were days when I forgot to drink, so the next cycle was shorter and I felt PMS more. But I have already ordered a second package of the balance blend and I will try not to forget to use it every day. I wonder what the result will be 😉

  58. Raminta

    I’ll share my experience too! I’ve taken the blend for 2 months, my periods may not be all that bad, but very often the pains are inhuman, and not just in my abdomen, generally it seemed like everything that could possibly hurt or be going on was going on. I bought this blend recommended by a friend, after insanely painful days. I have been drinking it for two months now. I think it’s not just the blend, but I’m also taking a lot of vitamins, iron, vitamin d, etc., but it’s been two months and I’ve taken a few pills for the pain during those days, which is really not a lot for me. I have been able to play sports and live my life without having to put off my plan and without having to lie in bed. It will be interesting to see how things continue, but thank you very much!! 🎉🎉

  59. Kristina

    Hello!!! I would like to praise the balance blend as well! I can’t believe that for the first time I didn’t take painkillers during my period! I really can’t believe it 😃 because even when I took birth control pills for my period pain, even they didn’t have the full effect

  60. Monika

    Hi, Radvile and the whole team, I’m back again with a review 😆 I’ve already finished the whole hormone balance blend. I’ve had such painful periods since I was a teenager, so that a packet of the strongest painkillers would be gone in less than a week and I’d just be incapacitated for days because the pain was inhuman. I already had 2 cycles while taking the blend and what can I say, in 2 months I have not taken any painkillers, I don’t know what is the miracle of this blend but after all the suffering I can feel like a complete person on those days, with no stomach ache and no need to give up the things I love. It has completely improved the quality of my life because I no longer have to take handfuls of medicines. Thank you a million times for your products 🤍

  61. Aiste

    Hormonal imbalances prompted me to try the hormone balance blend. In short – super!10 points! I am not a very responsible drinker – I sometimes forget to use it, so I used the first blend for longer than a month. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not – the breast pain before menstruation has completely disappeared, the mood swings during PMS have decreased (I had PMS for at least 10 days, accompanied by panic attacks, extreme fatigue and tantrums). Also, the cycle lengthened by a few days (menstruation came a few days later than usual). My friend and I laughed that “green powder” is really worth investing in because it expels the monster from the body :):):) So far only good reviews – I’ll keep using blends!

  62. Ruta

    I started with blends for skin and gut. Somehow I didn’t get used to using gut bliss blend. However, I do enjoy the one for skin glow – I put it in porridges, in cocktails, even in pancake mix. I also use blends for energy and balance – sometimes I add one, sometimes the other into cocktails. Blend for collagen boost I just simply drink with water 🙂 After trying so many blends, I already have my favorites.😀In terms of taste, it is definitely a blend for balance. I haven’t noticed the huge effect yet because I’ve only been using it for a short time, but it’s so delicious, I really enjoy feeling the aftertaste of mint in my morning smoothie! Collagen and skin blends, I believe, improve skin condition. At the same time, I also use skincare products because I have problematic skin, so it is difficult to say 100% whose credit it is, but I think each product contributes a little and does its job. I already have a routine of using blends with breakfast, the collagen blend makes me drink more water. The only suggestion about it – if I don’t drink it right away, the chia seeds swell and it’s not so pleasant to drink anymore, it would be perfect if they were ground and I wouldn’t feel them 🙂 Thank you for these wonderful products you are creating, I’m already your regular customer and just this morning I placed another order. I really want to try one more blend!

  63. Egle

    Actually, I was intrigued when I kept seeing reviews on instagram about the unheard of Daily Spoon products, but inside I was wondering if it could really work like that? But it really can!!!! Wooow, I’ve tried the Hormone Balance and the Collagen Boost Blends. It’s been almost a month now and I can definitely see the changes, of course, the flavours and the habit of consumption take some getting used to, but as I feel better it’s easier to incorporate new recipes with the blends into my daily routine 😊 And now about the changes I’ve noticed, because for maybe 4 years I’ve had “difficult relationship” with my lady’s days, ranging from the pain, the abundance, and just falling out of my routine for a week at a time, but I’ve now realized that it can be different, and I am really grateful for you! Hair loss has also reduced, I no longer have to collect clumps. It’s good to contribute to a Lithuanian business, and a great one at the same time! I already know that we will come back to you again and again!!! 💕💕

  64. Ruta

    In terms of taste, the blend for balance is the clear favourite. I haven’t felt the bigger effects yet, as I’ve only been using it for a short time, but it’s so delicious to have a hint of mint in my morning cocktail!

  65. Helena

    It has been going well, I got the ‘hormonal balance’ blend, can’t say anything about my hormones 😀 but it tastes nice, refreshing with the peppermint and I feel like my gut has been good, like better digestion. Haven’t gotten around to using it daily, but it’s still a nice way to get some extra nutrients.

  66. Neda

    I was surprised how easy it was to take and incorporate into my routine, as I usually forget to take my regular vitamins. But the most surprising thing was the effect of this blend – definitely fewer rashes, especially the painful PMS ones. Of course, alongside the blend, I drank a lot of water, saw a cosmetologist and took care of my skin externally. But it definitely helped!

  67. Migle

    I really like the Balance blend and I think I’m already feeling the effects, i.e. less pms and “those days” aren’t painful at all like they used to be 😁 It tastes good too!

  68. Akvile

    The taste is SUPER! I use it every day. I swapped my coffee for a cup of milk with this Balance blend and I don’t regret it at all💚 In my case, I noticed that I hardly ever experience mood swings, which used to be at least 5 times a week 😄 In terms of my period, it was less painful, shorter, and I was much more energetic, and I didn’t have to lie in bed while in pain. 😎 I’m monitoring further, but I believe it will only get better! I am very happy with this blend 💚💚💚💚 I can say it is one of my favourites. It’s changing my daily routine. THANK YOU!

  69. Lina

    The taste is one of the best so far (apart from the collagen blend), I love mint 🙂 And what I noticed was that ovulation was less painful! For me, ovulation is more painful than menstruation, so that means a lot here. Thanks for creating <3

  70. Giedre

    It’s been great to use! I could drink and drink and drink it just for the mint taste!

  71. Monika

    Both pms and periods seem to have been lighter. I’ll keep tracking it!

  72. Ugne

    I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but I managed to get my cycle back after six months of imbalance!:))

  73. Evelina

    The tastiest of them all!

  74. Giedre

    Very tasty, when I forget to drink it I just mix it with plant milk and enjoy 🙂 I didn’t have any period pains at all and it was shorter too.

  75. Neringa

    Very easy to use. It tastes so good that you don’t even have to think what to mix it with!

  76. Snieguole

    I’m a very un-exemplary consumer 🙂 I forget to use the blend, then I remember I have it again.
    But all in all, the experience with the Hormone Balance blend is really good. Already after a few weeks of using it, pms was practically absent 🤭👌😄. I didn’t have the beastly stomach bloating that I used to have, I didn’t overeat, I didn’t notice any sadness or anger attacks either.
    The texture of the blend is pleasing, as for the time being I mostly use it for dinner with kefir or cottage cheese with your Ceylon cinnamon and a bit of maple syrup, to taste.
    Thank you for being there and keep on creating so successfully😉

  77. Eimante

    I drink the blend every morning, it’s become like a morning ritual. I am very happy with it, because not only has the pain of menstruation been reduced after the first month of use, but my metabolism has also improved. So I wish you all the best, keep moving forward 🙂

  78. Monika

    I’ve tried all of their blends at least once and I was not disappointed. If used daily, they really do improve your overall health. My favorite ones are ‘for Immune System’, ‘for Gut Bliss’, ‘to Relax’. Currently I’m trying their newest blend for hormonal balance & I’ve noticed positive changes 🤍 Also, you have to try their Matcha powder – it’s sooo good.

  79. Jolita

    Although I don’t have a very heavy PMS period, I always feel a bit tired and have a feeling of lower abdominal pain! And the first night after I got my formula, I made a smoothie and went to bed! In the morning it was like nothing! I felt extra fresh!

  80. Emma

    My new favourite mourning routine. I feel “in balance” again. Besides balance blend, I also use for collagen boost and skin glow. I can’t image my day without these three ❤️

  81. Ramune

    At last!! I have been waiting so much for a hormone blend from you. Although I have only tried it a few times, the taste is very mild, with a hint of mint. I like it best when mixed with plant milk 🙂

  82. Lina

    I’m sure thousands of women will thank you for this PMS relief goodness!

  83. Adele

    It’s as if PMS and menstrual pains have eased. I also feel more energetic.

  84. Viktorija

    Pradėjau neštis tokį desertinį kokteilį į darbą, labai skanu, net į darbus labiau noris tada rytais keltis, nes žinau, kad pradėsiu darbus jį gurkšnodama! Maišau su augaliniu pienu 😊
    I started bringing this dessert-like cocktail to work, it’s very delicious. It even makes me more excited to wake up in the mornings because I know I’ll start my work day sipping on it! I mix it with plant-based milk. 😊

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How to use?

The blend has a minty flavour, but may have a slight broccoli aftertaste, so it’s easy to incorporate it into your daily diet. Season and enrich fruit smoothies, yoghurt, porridge or simply drink it mixed with water.

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Are your products plant-based?
Yes, all our products are 100% plant-based.
Are your products lactose and/or gluten free?
Yes, our products are free of gluten and/or lactose ingredients and traces.
What are the storage conditions?
We recommend keeping blends tightly closed in a dark, dry, and cool place, a refrigerator is suitable for this purpose.

Can the products be used together?
Yes, you can definitely use the products together since all the ingredients are natural, and there are no concentrated doses.

It’s important to remember that there’s no strict discipline when using blends – you can create a routine that suits you. As a general rule, we recommend not exceeding 3 tablespoons of Daily Spoon products per day.

Can you use Daily Spoon while pregnant or breastfeeding?
All Daily Spoon products are natural, highly nutritious and have no concentrated ingredients, but everyone’s body is different so we always recommend consulting a doctor.

For our part, we have a number of clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding and if you decide to use it, we suggest you start with half a serving. The Balance, Collagen Boost, To Relax, For Immune system and Recovery blends have stronger superfood ingredients as well as Gut Prime and adaptogens, therefore we do not recommend using them. In this case better to choose For Gut Bliss and For Skin Glow blends.

From what age can the products be used?
Although all the ingredients are natural, and there are no concentrated doses in the blends, we recommend using the blends for younger individuals from the age of 12, starting with half a portion. However, we have customers whose younger children benefit from using the blends. In such cases, it’s important to ensure that there are no allergies or sensitivities to the ingredients in the blend.