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Ceremonial matcha & whisk

The bundle consists of a ceremonial Gokou matcha & bamboo whisk.


30 servings | 30 g

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About the bundle

A traditional Japanese green tea of the highest quality, with a rich and naturally sweet flavour. Ceremonial matcha is intended to be enjoyed as a tea, with just a splash of water. Packed with antioxidants, caffeine and L-theanine for more stable energy and focus. The natural bamboo whisk in the set will help you experience an authentic Japanese tea ceremony at home.


Ceremonial matcha: 100% Gokou green matcha tea powder.

How to use?
Ceremonial matcha is meant to be used simply with water: add one teaspoon of matcha powder through a strainer into the cup to avoid lumps, as high-quality matcha has a creamy texture..

Pour a small amount of hot (but not boiling) water (50ml) and stir well with a whisk – once there are no lumps, add as much water and/or milk or ice as you like

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