Our recipes fall into one to several of these categories: healthier alternative, 5 minutes or 5 or less ingredients. We’re trying to bring more colours and ease to your daily diet.

5 MINsotumasVegetable pancakes

5 MINsotumas

Vegetable pancakes

Vegetable pancakes20 MINSATIETYPORTIONS: 1-2I wanted something filling but not too much and healthy but not a salad. That’s when this perfect vegetable pancake recipe was born. Ingredients 1 zucchini 1 small red...

5 MINsotumasFrappe for energy

5 MINsotumas

Frappe for energy

Frappe for energy5 MIN SATIETYPORTIONS: 1My favourite after workout. I never got used to using protein powder. They were always way too sweet for me or the flavour was synthetic. Lucky me, now I have our blends.Blend...

5 MINSOTUMASBlackcurrant and mint mocktail


Blackcurrant and mint mocktail

Blackcurrant and mint mocktail for skin and hair nourishment5 MIN SATIETYPORTIONS: 1It tastes like black currants and is rich in antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C, iron and zinc. Basically all you need to...

5 MINSATIETYStrawberry and chocolate cocktail


Strawberry and chocolate cocktail

Strawberry and chocolate cocktail for energy and glowing skin5 MIN SATIETY PORTIONS: 1 One glass = over 10 different superfood ingredients that will pamper your skin's glow and give you energy. Plus, it's a delicious...

5 MINSATIETYLatte for hormonal balance


Latte for hormonal balance

Latte for hormonal balance5 MIN SATIETY PORTIONS: 1 A super refreshing and naturally sweet latte that will nourish your body with adaptogens, minerals, B vitamins and omega 3 acids.Nepraleisk Daily Spoon receptų!...

5 MINSATIETYCold turmeric latte for immunity


Cold turmeric latte for immunity

Cold turmeric latte for immunity 5 MIN SATIETY PORTIONS: 1 The immune system performs a protective function for our body, so it is important to make sure it is kept strong at all times. It's great when ways of doing...

5 MINSATIETYIced matcha tea


Iced matcha tea

Iced matcha tea5 MIN SATIETY PORTIONS: 1 Extra rich in antioxidants and minerals that our skin loves! Also, the lower caffeine content of matcha tea helps you to concentrate and gives you energy (without it crashing...

5 MINSATIETYBeetroot latte


Beetroot latte

Nutritious beetroot latte5 MIN SATIETY PORTIONS: 1 10g of Daily Spoon beetroot powder = 100g fresh beetroot nutrition! They contain vitamin C and iron, which help with the absorption of one another.Nepraleisk Daily...

5 MINSATIETYPerfect snack for skin glow


Perfect snack for skin glow

Perfect snack for skin glow5 MIN SATIETY PORTIONS: 1 An easy and quick snack that will treat your skin with the ingredients it needs to glow.Nepraleisk Daily Spoon receptų! Ingredients a...

5 MINSATIETYCinnamon latte to relax


Cinnamon latte to relax

Cinnamon latte to relax5 MIN SATIETY PORTIONS: 1 When it comes to well-being, I always highlight the impact of sleep and stress on our bodies. Although we can't avoid stress, food can help us to relax, reduce the...

20 MINSATIETYRoasted vegetables with avocado pesto


Roasted vegetables with avocado pesto

Roasted vegetables with avocado pesto 20 MIN SATIETY PORTIONS: 2 One of the tastiest and most nutritious salads I have made. Lots of vegetables provide fiber, beans provide protein and satiety, and avocados are a...

5 MINSATIETYChocolate cherry smoothie for energy


Chocolate cherry smoothie for energy

Chocolate cherry smoothie for energy 5 MIN SATIETY PORTIONS: 1 Rich in protein, good fats and fiber, it is especially suitable for pampering the body after sports. Sufficient protein per day is also important for...

5 MINSATIETYSalted caramel smoothie for energy


Salted caramel smoothie for energy

Salted caramel smoothie for energy 5 MIN SATIETY PORTIONS: 1 No sugar or sweeteners, just the natural sweetness of maca, cocoa and banana, which will at the same time give energy for the day and help to suppress the...

5 MINSATIETYCurrant smoothie for glow


Currant smoothie for glow

Currant smoothie for glow 5 MIN SATIETY PORTIONS: 1 This pink smoothie is not high in sugar, but is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and good fats. The smoothie combination is a great way to nourish the skin from the...

15 MINSATIETYChocolate quinoa porridge


Chocolate quinoa porridge

Chocolate quinoa porridge15 MINSATIETYPORTIONS: 1Quinoa is one of the most nutritious grains because it has almost twice as much fiber and the most protein than other grains. So, I think this porridge is a serious...

5 MINSATIETYMango and lime smoothie for gut bliss


Mango and lime smoothie for gut bliss

Mango and lime smoothie for gut 5 MIN SATIETY PORTIONS: 1 When you want something fresher, you may be missing vegetables in our daily meals or just want to pamper your skin and intestines from the inside out. A lime...

10 MINSATIETYChocolate banana porridge for energy


Chocolate banana porridge for energy

Chocolate banana porridge for energy10 MINSATIETYPORTIONS: 1An example of a comprehensive porridge: oats are fortified with seeds, protein, good fats and antioxidants. And yet a combination of chocolate and bananas...

10 MINSATIETYDark chocolate Omega 3 balls


Dark chocolate Omega 3 balls

Dark chocolate omega 3 balls 10 MIN SATIETY 10 balls When you want something sweet, but also nutritious. No added sugar, just good fats, fiber and antioxidants in one bite. Don't miss the Daily Spoon...

5 MINSatietySnack for healthy skin

5 MINSatiety

Snack for healthy skin

Snack for healthy skin5 MINSATIETYPORTIONS: 1   Ingredients 200 g coconut yogurt 2 teaspoons Daily Spoon for Skin Glow Instructions 1 Mix the coconut yogurt with the blend for healthy skin in a bowl. Put some...

10 MINSATIETYGreen juice for skin and gut health


Green juice for skin and gut health

Green juice for skin and gut health10 MINSATIETY PORTIONS: 2Sometimes I want something fresher than a smoothie, maybe face a shortage of vegetables in my daily meals, or just want to pamper my skin and gut from...

5 MINSATIETYChia pudding with a teaspoon of Energy


Chia pudding with a teaspoon of Energy

Chia pudding with a teaspoon of energy5 MINSATIETYPORTIONS: 1Chia pudding has a lot of fiber and a few teaspoons of Daily Spoon Energy blend make such a breakfast even more comprehensive, as the blend is rich in...

15 MINSATIETYTurmeric Latte for Immune System


Turmeric Latte for Immune System

Turmeric Latte for Immune System5 MINSATIETYPortions: 1“Christmas in the cup” – this is how most customers described the taste of this blend. Cinnamon and ginger taste with a light turmeric sharpness. A cozy drink...

5 MINSATIETYChocolate beetroot muffins


Chocolate beetroot muffins

Chocolate beetroot muffins15 MINSATIETY10 muffinsI love searching for healthier recipes because it is a great way to pamper that inner desire to eat something sweet. What I like the most is that after eating a...

5 MINSATIETYMint spirulina ice cream


Mint spirulina ice cream

Mint spirulina ice cream5 MINSATIETYPORTIONS: 1  This one of my favorite healthier alternative desserts, which was created by an accident. I didn’t expect that it would turn out so similar to classic mint chocolate...

5 MINSATIETYMint spirulina smoothie


Mint spirulina smoothie

Mint spirulina smoothie5 MINSATIETYPORTIONS: 1  Even if this smoothie is meant to nourish your gut, I improved its taste to make it feel more like a dessert. The taste will be very pleasant to mint chocolate chip ice...

5 MINSATIETYChocolate overnight oats


Chocolate overnight oats

Chocolate overnight oats5 MINSATIETYPORTIONS: 1I bet you know that heavy feeling after breakfast, which sometimes results in feeling hungry again fast. It could happen because of the protein shortage in your...

5 MINSATIETYBanana ice cream with almond butter


Banana ice cream with almond butter

Banana ice cream with almond butter5 MINSATIETYPORTIONS: 2Continuing the topic of healthy desserts, I would like to start with my favorite one - banana ice cream with almond butter. This dessert has a sweet creamy...

5 MINSATIETYBlueberry and zucchini smoothie


Blueberry and zucchini smoothie

Blueberry and zucchini smoothie5 MINSATIETYPORTIONS: 1 A nutritious smoothie, which is suitable for both breakfast and dessert. Zucchini gives the cocktail a creamy texture, and the berries are filled with...

5 MINSatietyBlueberry and nut butter chia pudding

5 MINSatiety

Blueberry and nut butter chia pudding

Blueberry and nut butter chia pudding5 MINSATIETYPORTIONS: 1 A few minutes of preparation, several ingredients and you have a nutritious breakfast or dessert. Chia pudding is a great way to start the day because of...

5 MINSatietyChocolate berry bowl

5 MINSatiety

Chocolate berry bowl

Chocolate berry bowl5 MINSATIETYPORTIONS: 1 When I want something more filling than a smoothie or I keep thinking about ice cream, this kind of frozen fruit bowl is a great solution. This one is packed with...

15 MINSATIETYAlmond butter


Almond butter

Almond butter15 MINSATIETY PORTIONS: 6 I usually put almond butter in smoothies or eat it with fruit, especially apples 🙂 I prefer homemade almond butter because of more natural ingredients, smaller price, and...

5 MINSATIETYAlmond milk


Almond milk

Almond milk5 MINSATIETY PORTIONS: 4 cupsThe basics - homemade almond milk. The first recipe I want to share is almond milk because it will be the main ingredient in future recipes. What are the benefits of homemade...

10 MINSATIETYGlowing skin green juice


Glowing skin green juice

Glowing skin green juice10 MINSATIETY PORTIONS: 2At times you need something more refreshing than a smoothie, maybe feel a shortage of vegetables in your daily meals, or just want to pamper your skin and gut health...

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